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Speakout 1/17

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How can we as a nation claim to support our troops when their own families have to pay for body armor out of their own pockets? With all the money Congress wastes on pork barrel projects that help them hold onto their seats, they should be able to come up with adequate protection of our soldiers and Marines.

I have someone who has been harassing me on the phone for the longest and I'm doing my best to find a way to stop it. I was just wondering if you could put this in SpeakOut so they could see it and know that I care and don't want them bothering me. I thank you.

At the corner of Sikes and Tanner Street, there is a bush that is obstructing the view of traffic. Could someone check in to that before someone gets hurt? Thank you.

This is for the caller that said all democrat sympathizers are predictable, hypocritical and attack with venom and hatred. Be careful. You said, "You are like a serial rapist telling his victim to be quiet and lay still and quit resisting and act like a lady." I have heard you say that before and I know you are a staunch Republican. As a friend of yours, my advice to you is, be quiet. Sikeston has far more registered Democrats than Republicans. And Republicans need Democrat support to win any election. Not all Democrats are the same. Calling all Democrats serial rapists will not help Republicans win any election, especially if you anger Democrats who have voted Republican for the last 20 years. Next time, think before you open your big mouth and let your small brain fall out. Especially if you want Democrat support for your Republican candidates.

I'd like to speak out to see if anybody knows how we can get a hold of the management at Wal-Mart? Every time I go out there, I am a disabled person, there's no electric chairs that you can ride in and I am unable to walk because of my hip. They always have signs on the carts or they don't have any. Most of the time I just have to come back home or sit and wait on one for a long, long, long long time. A lot of people in there on the chairs look like they ain't got nothing wrong with them. You would think they would watch these chairs better. I thought they catered to the ones with disabilities. Can someone please respond to this and find out why we can't get more chairs?

I am a 19-year full time college student, who is also working full time at the moment. I live with my 60-year old grandmother who is disabled and makes about $500 a month on a fixed income. We are looking for a two bedroom apartment in Morehouse that will accept Section Eight. We are good, clean people. We have two pets that are both house broken and are two years old, so they wouldn't be a problem. We are good renters and we are just trying to find a decent place to live here in Sikeston, where we don't have to worry about what end we're on and worry about crime and everything. If you wouldn't mind, leave your number in SpeakOut. We are looking for a two bedroom house or apartment that will take Section Eight.