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Speakout 1/1

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Whoever wrote the Dec. 27 issue of Tiff with Smith has too much free time on their hands.

- - -

After reading the 500 word personal attack on Buck Smith, I have to say I agree with Mr. Smith. There is an attempt in SpeakOut to divide Sikeston on social, racial, religious and Biblical lines. There can be no better evidence at that than the SpeakOut article. I read Mr. Smith's article in the paper. He asked Sikestonians to be united and not be divided regardless of their differences. I felt this letter was a good one and I agreed with him. His letter was not filled with hatred, as was the SpeakOut response. The SpeakOut complains that their comments were "humble." Anyone who reads that terrible article has to conclude that they were far from humble. The fact is they were the words of a pompous, ignorant person who had not the guts to sign their name. I think this is a piece of trash of a professional who stands loss of business, or perhaps opposition between friends or church. Now wouldn't that be interesting? Smut and smear campaigns found out that originate among churchmen could be very embarrassing, couldn't it?

- - -

I know that Buck Smith had the courage to sign his name. Those cowards that used SpeakOut to destroy his reputation by calling him Comrade Smith, calling him a Communist and Atheist and sympathy with Islamic Jihads are nothing but character assassins. Buck Smith was one of the ones that led the people to get our cemeteries cleaned up. So, I guess that anyone who tries to help Sikeston is a Communist and Atheist and Jihad sympathizer. Division brings confusion. The good book says that Satan is the author of confusion, so we know where the SpeakOut caller stands and that is with confusion and division. His poison pen proved that.

- - -

Mr. Buck Smith, I think I know who you are and I agree totally 100 percent with your letter that you had in the paper. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't agree. I think you are entirely right.

I just heard the news on the radio that stated some elderly people were going without food. Why is this happening? We are giving foreigners free food, free medical attention and things of this nature. Why is this happening? We should take care of our elderly a little bit better than that.

In reference to Alaskan oil drilling. I guess the Democratic party wants us to stay dependent of foreign oil. This goes to prove that the far left party relies on feelings, not facts. If it weren't for the environmentalists and wacko groups, extreme left wing party would not have as much financial support. So we have to continue relying on foreign oil and high fuel prices. The Democratic Party really cares about working people. No way. Merry Christmas Democrats. Thank for your gift on foreign reliance. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Notice how high the heating bills are? Notice how high the heating fuel is? Democrats. They've caused it all. They won't let us drill where there is plenty of oil. They supposed to be helping the poor. Isn't that a joke? Thank you.