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Speakout 12/13

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm calling in regards to the Bored on the Board article. I don't know who you were referring to, however, I am a senior citizen and I do serve on three non-

profit boards. I do not do this for free dinners or to get my name in the paper. I am not bored at home and I still feel useful and love to volunteer. As long as I have my health and am able, I will continue to serve on boards and volunteering. Evidently, you are a self-centered person, and think like a lot of other young people, that senior citizens aren't good for anything just because they are old and should just be put out to pasture. If you would put your brain in gear before opening your mouth, you would realize that older adults have a lot of good qualities and a lot of good input. Did you get any of this from your parents? It is inevitable, that you will get older, sooner than you think. You should keep this article to see how self-absorbed you were when you were young.

This is in regards to the article about saving the grandson's life from a pit bull puppy. I've got a pit bull and have three grandkids, 10 months old, a year old and three years old. Don't be judging the dog by the name of its breed. My pit bull, these kids ride him, they bite him, they play with him, they jump on him. He does not do anything. The dogs are only aggressive if the owner teaches them aggressive actions.

- - -

This is in regards to It's the Pits. I disagree about pit bull puppies. I think all dogs, depending on who keeps them, can be one way or the other. Maybe she doesn't realize that her daughter should have insurance in order to own this dog, property insurance, so if the dog does bite somebody that will take care of it. I know that's how come we had to get rid of our pit bull. We couldn't afford the insurance that we were supposed to have to keep the dog on our property.

I have just heard that have taken God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and they're taking Christ out of Christmas. Why do you think Christmas is here? Santa wasn't born on Christmas. There is no Santa. But either way, I can't believe that Wal-Mart isn't even allowed to say Merry Christmas. They got to say Happy Holidays. And they don't sell Christmas trees because it has got Christ in it. They sell holiday trees. In Revelations, that is what's coming up. These are people that are non-believers or followers of the anti-Christ. I wish people would get together and put Christ back in Christmas where it belongs. And Silent Night is not called Coldly Night. They are getting way out of hand. These are Revelations and if people want to keep taking Christ out of things, He will be coming back soon to make for sure that He is not forgotten. They should repent now.

Wal-Mart is indeed wishing customers a Merry Christmas.

I called in a few weeks ago and I've never seen what I called in about in the SpeakOut, so I am calling again. It was concerning some bank business that I had at a certain bank. I didn't call anyone's name and I went to this bank very upset because they had changed some numbers of some CD's that I owned without my permission. I went there upset to pull everything that I had out of the bank and Sharon Jones, she got everything straightened out with my stuff. She made me feel very comfortable. She is strictly a darling. She needs to own the bank instead of being manager. She is so great and so good to take care of people.