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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nobody asked me but...it was tough to see a loser come out of the Sikeston-

Notre Dame district baseball game on Tuesday. Both teams played excellent ball and it was a shame the contest ended on a wild pitch by Sikeston.

Sikeston coaches could swallow a little easier if Notre Dame won the game on a hit, but to lose the way Sikeston did is hard to handle.

Plain and simple, Notre Dame made more big plays than Sikeston. The Sikeston kids have nothing to hold their heads about. They have come a long way since the beginning of the season and should feel proud of their play.

I have not heard such a negative response from Kennett fans on my prediction that Sikeston would defeat them in the district final since someone suggested Melissa Etheridge was a better musician than Sheryl Crow.

It's nice to see some fire from the Kennett fans. I love it. Accept it or not, you guys have not had much to cheer for in a long time (Yes, Ms. Crow is a good artist that comes out with a good tune here and there. But lets get real, her best work was back in 1994 with the album "Tuesday Night Music Club"). But hey, I hear your very own Trent Tomlinson is heating up the Country charts and this IS recent.

Congratulations should go out to the Dexter Bearcats golf team who finished seventh in the Class 3 state tournament. Looks like coach Eric Sitze is raising the bar again. Could spell trouble.

Why are the Chicago Cubs so hated by Cardinal fans? I know it is a geographical rivalry, but come on. The Cubs have not been a threat to the Cards in a long time. Need I remind the loyal readers the last time the Cubs have won a World Series?

If anything, Cub fans should hate the Cardinals. Remember the Lou Brock fiasco? To sum up, leave Cub fans alone Card fans. They have suffered enough.

Speaking of baseball, the Reds should trade Ken Griffey, Jr. to either the Cardinals or Yankees. Griffey has been a complete bust in Cincinnati and the Reds organization should cut their losses.

The Cards should trade Mark Mulder and Juan Encarnacion to the Reds for Griffey. Or just ship Mulder.

If the Yanks should bite, Reds should ask for cash and some minor league pitchers.

I have never understood the archaic NFL rule of why players in a certain position have to wear a certain number. For example, running backs can wear a number anywhere between 20-49.

With the recent case of Reggie Bush with the Saints, the NFL should let players wear what they want within reason. Letting Bush wear No. 5 is not going to hinder a thing.

Why does it seem whenever the NHL is mentioned, it is in a negative light? Well here is another dagger. When the San Jose Sharks hosted a playoff game against the Edmonton Oilers, Shark fans booed the Canadian national anthem. Vice versa has happened in Canada, where the Oilers fans booed the "Star Spangled Banner."

But the real question is why are anthems still sung before athletic events? I realize it honors the brave men and women who have fought for our country, but does playing the anthem raise this level of awareness? Anthems should be for special occasions like the NBA Finals, World Series or any football game.

And finally, nobody asked me but...political correctness has run amuck in society today. Recent example, the University of Georgia president wants CBS to stop referring to the annual Florida-Georgia game as the "Largest outdoor cocktail party." Why?

This brings some color and tradition to the game and lets everyone have a good time before the game. Of course having a good time today can get the P.C. Police on your tail.