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Speakout 5/17

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This is in response to the article "Big bucks for bad docs." To add to the caller's comment. What she does not understand is that the doctor works for her. If you're not satisfied with his performance, fire him. It is just that simple. If enough people fire him, he just might have to get another job.

I would like to know when Garden of Memories and the other graveyard is going to be mowed? They need to get on the ball. The city can't mow all three cemeteries here in town. The people take the money but they don't do bankrupts. The lawyers haven't done anything either.

I was wondering when you go to the news rack to buy a paper, Cape paper is 50 cents a copy, Sikeston paper is a dollar a copy and the Sikeston paper has got 14 sheets in it and the Cape paper has got 24. There's something wrong somewhere. The Sikeston paper needs to catch up.

This is about the welfare comment. After reading this article in the paper, I was disappointed in the person. I do not receive help from the welfare program, but in the past I did receive assistance. I just think you are a rude, snobby person. Girl, you are only 28 years old and you do not know what the future holds for you or what could happen that you might need help. So don't count the chickens before they are hatched. I do understand to an extent what you are saying about welfare. Ridiculing someone for not being fortunate enough to go to college or not being able to have a good strong education is not right. Ridiculing for not having a good upbringing is not right. It's wrong. I bet you have someone in your family, a grandparent, a friend, a cousin, or someone who receives assistance in some way, whether it be food stamps, Medicaid, MC+, or something to that extent. Please don't always judge people for what you see because one of these days it might be you standing in line with a food stamp card or a Medicaid card, Missy.

This call to SpeakOut seems long overdue. The general population needs to be made aware of a situation which is both unfair and sad. Today's farmers are faced with problems which overwhelm and seem to not have a simple solution. Picture this if you will: When one buys gas, groceries, shoes, and so on they pay the price asked. When one sees a doctor or goes to the hospital, they pay the price required. Today's farmer pays 2006 prices for everything he needs, machinery, feed, gas, fertilizer and so on. The price he gets for his crop is set totally by someone else. And today, that price is the same as back in the 60's and 70's. Is this fair? This is a discouraging situation for our hardworking farmers. The subsidy money paid by the government falls short of what the farmer would make if the prices he receives were fair. Someone needs to give this matter serious attention and do it soon.

Things are getting pretty bad over on North Ingram. People are going around and passing them like they are crazy. There needs to be a cop over here and catch them when they are doing it. The traffic is really heavy over here. These people are driving like they are crazy. Please help.

I'm calling in reference to the front page arrest made on the burglaries. I'm a little concerned about the name given to the suspect, Notorious North End Burglar. A lot of people see that as an honor, and it could encourage more burglaries by giving him a name. I would advise authorities not to do that. It is encouraging copy cats. It is a concern.

I'm speaking out in reference to the children who are doing skate boarding in public parking lots. It's very dangerous. I know over there across from Ryan's they do it and on the corner across from Bootheel Counseling Service's they do it. Actually, one skated right in front of me while I was driving. It's a hazard to them and to others. I wish the authorities would please address this concern. Skate boarding in inappropriate in public places. They also do it on public facility steps.

I'm wanting to know if anybody knows the number of the bird man in Dexter. He puts on shows for children. He has a bird and a dog. If anybody knows anything about it, please give me a call at 471-8631 or 471-3826 or put it in SpeakOut.

I'd like to speak out about the housing in Morehouse for the elderly. I moved in in January and I recently moved out this coming month of May. When I moved out, someone come in and stole my sweeper, a $50 telephone, and a whole bunch of stuff from my apartment. Nobody claimed to have seen nothing, but you know that's weird. They all seemed to see when I had my grandson down there with me. Another thing, I know who it is and you lived there close to me. I had a hard time getting that stuff and I don't see how you could do that to me. I live from paycheck to paycheck. I was mad, but I have decided, if it does you that much good to have that stuff, if you can live with it, I guess I'll have to learn to live without it. I'm shocked that the Housing Authority didn't try to help and catch these thieves that broke in there and stole my things. They took about $300 worth of items from me.