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Sacrificing majority for minority's view

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I do not believe there is justice in this country. Sure, we make a lot of noise about justice but the facts speak otherwise. And for that reason, I shall ask the federal courts to remove the words "and justice for all" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Were I to make that legal request in California, it appears my case would be heard.

Once again we will debate the words "under God" that have been included in our Pledge of Allegiance for over 50 years. And once again, a lone atheist in California has convinced a judge that children - who may not believe in God - are somehow being harmed by having the option to recite the Pledge in their classrooms.

I once thought that the guiding philosophy in this nation was majority rule. But that is far from the case. Instead - and I am beginning to understand - we fight fiercely for the views of the minority and make assurances that any dissenting view is heard. But then we take it one additional step and declare that minority views will be heard at the expense of the majority view.

It's now likely that the question of the Pledge wording will ultimately make its way to the Supreme Court. Regardless of that outcome, this issue won't be fully resolved. That's just the imperfection of our system.

The Pledge lawsuit was filed to keep students "free from the coercive requirement to affirm God." Well the truth is there are ample examples of policies with which I disagree for a variety of reasons. But does that then give me the power to change those policies despite an overwhelming support of the majority? I would think not.

On the surface, I view this issue as a minor annoyance given the other pressing needs of society. But then again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this issue is far and away the most pressing one facing our nation. Maybe this is that singular issue that defines where we're going.

But mark my words. If God is removed from the Pledge as this lawsuit seeks, then the words "and justice for all" will soon fade as well. And it's impossible to measure the loss to humanity.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen