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Speakout 10/14

Friday, October 14, 2005

My wallet was stolen Friday night and I would like to know if any one finds it, please turn it in to the police department. I have pictures in there that are very special to me. My son is deceased now and his picture is in there, my junior prom picture. There's no money, but credit cards, whatever, you can have those, just return my pictures or turn them in to the police department.

I'd like to make a comment about all the gays and lesbians not voting for Bush, they all voted for Clinton. Well they wrong there, too. Gays and lesbians all voted for Bush. If his vice president hadn't gotten up and said what he did about the gays and lesbians, he would have lost the election.

Can somebody please tell me who to call? I was passing a street on Bonus Hill this morning and I actually saw these great big rats running across a yard over there. It was awful. Those things scared me to death. Could someone please help me.

I don't know what the plans are for the highway department. I appreciate that they are paving the shoulders near Wyatt on Highway 60. Maybe we're gonna get an asphalt overlay over the whole thing with some wider shoulders. That would be wonderful. Right now, we are just appreciating the new shoulders. Thank you.

For a couple of weeks now, I've been reading in Speakout, a young woman has been trying to find a job here in town. She seems to be running into a lot of heavy set women, who begrudges her for being smaller then they are. I finally found , in archives, her speakout. She is right, unfortunately. From all the responses she got, that proves she is right. I did not read it as her thinking so highly of herself. She was merely pointing out the errors in this community that she ran into. Yet, she got stoned for being skinny and speaking her mind. Shame on her for not being polite in speaking her mind. Shame on you other women though for begrudging her in such ways that you did. You know nothing of this woman whatsoever, other than what she spoke about. Yet, you want to cast stones at her? I think maybe, you did not like what she said because it reflects onto you. She has no problems with her weight, so why should you? If you have a problem with her weight, then maybe you should get out and walk a mile in her shoes. I, for one, hope she found a job where she doesn't have to deal with the ignorance and prejudices of this society , with the likes of you women in it! Who would want to work beside someone like you, who took such offense at her opinion. After all, this is speakout. It is where we all come to voice our opinion. So if you don't like what she had to say, then maybe you should of just put the paper down.