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Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016

Speakout 1/10

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I just want to call in one more time about sore spot on the board. One thing that seems so funny about it is that it seems like the same person keeps calling back over and over again making comments, but you're wrong on one point. Honey, I'm just like you. I'm a senior citizen and I worked 30 years for a company before I retired. They were very good years. I was rewarded with a very nice pension and I served on boards. I've got enough common sense to know, I wasn't up on all this latest stuff. And I set down and let someone younger that had a degree take my place. They're doing a fine job and the company is growing. But I see some people who are serving that are not quite like they were, they're a little bit slower. They're health is a little bit worse, and they don't want to be involved with things. That's who this call is intended for. I just wanted to say, you are wrong. I'm not young and I am a senior citizen just like you. So before you make wrong judgments and run your mouth off, which by the way I can see by these comments that you're feeling guilty and maybe you think like I did, but won't admit it and think it's time to step down and let someone else serve. I've spent a lot of years working with youth and a lot of years working with people. I know I helped them, but I know that I don't have the energy and the stamina I did. I want someone who's better qualified to take this company and these employees and my friend, if you're reading this, you know who I'm talking about. You know it's time to slow down. You know you've got a disease. How many times have I heard you say, "I just really don't care. I think I know what I'm doing." Well honey, you don't. I'm just trying to tell you in a nice way. Enjoy getting your drinks free, your AARP card and let these younger qualified people step in and take over. Let's not lose any more businesses to overseas market. I've never been given a pink slip, but I think it would have devastated me. I was fortunate. We had a really good board, and they kept things going. And, it was a profit board. I'm proud to say that company is still running strong, but without me. I put my 30 years in and I retired. All you that are running your mouth about me that I'm young, you are wrong. At least I do sound young in my comments. I'm trying to help a friend. You owe me an apology. Quit slandering me. Take a second look if you're serving on the board. I care about these young people. Let the issue die. Thank you.

I want to speak out about the person who keeps calling in and says the Democrats don't care anything about the poor. That's just it. They do care about the poor. As far as this Alaskan oil drilling, they have plenty of oil for us, you are very wrong. They don't have a lot of oil. There's not that much oil over there. You just wait a few years, when they do start drilling and see how much goes in Bush's pocket. It's not for us. It's for how much money he can make off that oil. You people have a hole in your head. You don't get things straight and you don't listen to the news. You need to listen to both sides. Once again, I repeat, there's not enough oil in Alaska for people over here. Why don't we get our own refineries going?

You Democrat sympathizers are so predictable. You're like a serial rapist telling his victim to be quiet and lay still, quit resisting and act like a lady. All someone has to do is challenge your false pretense of civility and you attack with such venom and hatred. Most without signing your name either. Calling people the ugliest of names, issuing threats and trying to intimidate one who sees through you into silence. You Democrat callers are such hypocrites.