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Speakout 9/9

Friday, September 9, 2005

Get your head out of the sand. Do you think President Bush sets the gas prices? What about all the big shots in Congress and Senate? Why is it every time President Bush suggests more drilling in U.S. and Alaska, the animal rights people have a fit? It would cut down on foreign oil, right? Duh, d -u -h. Let's bill them new wonderful Democrats in the oil business. What a laugh.

- - -

To the person who blames President Bush for the oil prices: You are too stupid to know that he has done everything he can. He's releasing some oil that he had in storage for bad times. He talks to the Saudis. The oil companies do this, not President Bush. They want money and lots of it. I don't feel I can have gas cause I voted for Bush. Please know what you are talking about because this is really an insult.

I was just wondering why the Red Peppers are taking out 90 percent of their initiation requirements, including the part where Greenies dressed up in their original costumes. Why on earth? And they wonder why the younger Red Peppers leave. That should tell you something.

Let's go to New Orleans. They've got nine feet of water. They can't get people in and they can't get people out. Well, Florida has enough swamp boats to go in there on top of the water and take people out and bring supplies in. I don't understand the pinheads trying to run that place. They need one man or woman in charge to tell get that thing cleaned up.

I would like to speak out and commend the 5th Grade Center in Sikeston. The previous school that my little boy was in before, the secretaries and the principal were very rude. The principal and the secretaries here are so nice. They always have big smiles. My grandson has gone from F's to A's and B's. And they are just so nice there, and I'd like to commend them for whatever they are doing there, because they are doing it right. And I appreciate it. And I appreciate the smiles. Keep on doing it.

I'd like to Speakout about the drivers in Sikeston. I am fairly new to the area, and it's just amazing that they just poke along. They have 10 forevers to get nowhere. They have no earthly idea that you can make a right or a left in all fifty states in America. The left lane is considered the fast lane. That doesn't mean anything to Sikeston drivers. It's just amazing. Once you leave Cape Girardeau and come that much farther south, it's like a time warp that you went through. It's just amazing. If you all would, pick it up a little would you? Make a right on red..it won't hurt a thing.

This call refers to Bush's so-called coalition. When Americans have suffered 1800-plus deaths and all the remainder have lost 200. That shows who is doing the fighting. All the other countries are very mad and bitter at the U.S. Relations have never been worse. The coalition consists of very small countries who were too intimidated to oppose the U.S. If the cocky and arrogant Bush wouldn't try to tell the whole world what they can and cannot do maybe they wouldn't all be mad at the U.S.