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Speakout 3/8

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

I'm ashamed of the business owners here in town for not having any support on their marquees for the Sikeston team for winning the sectionals this last weekend. They need to show their support. These boys have worked hard and it has been a long time since they have made it this far. They need to get behind them and give them some encouragement and backing. Go Bulldogs!

I bought a stove from a person and I would have been ashamed if I had been them to sell it. I had to work and work to get it cleaned up it was so filthy. I hope they never sell anything else like this to anybody else. Be careful what you buy. I was very dissatisfied.

I would like to speak out concerning Go Granny Go about the 70-year old being bad drivers. Well I would say a 70-year olds are probably more cautious and lot better drivers than you probably are. And one thing, you never know, God may not let you live to be 70-years old. And chances are if he does, you will be spending your time in prison or jail for hitting someone or running over someone. You young people out there think your day will never come. But what goes around, comes around. Don't forget that, dear. I'm sure ever 70-year old is thankful they are still here.

Mike, I want to ask you about why you don't write articles about the doctors, the pharmacies and all this other stuff? Medicaid is getting outrageous but the price of medicine, two years ago now is 55 percent higher. If you go to a doctor's office, a year ago it was $25 to $30. Now they want between $60 and a $100, for the same doctor, for the same amount of time, three to five minutes and that's it. How come you don't write articles about how medicine and doctor's prices are going up, up and up and that's why Medicare and Medicaid is spending so much money? I work my butt off out here. I'm not a college grad like you are. If it weren't for Medicaid my kids wouldn't have insurance.

Hey Mike. How did you expect the FEMA debit card recipients to act any different? These people, most of them, have never done anything different all their life but stand around with their hand stuck out waiting for something to be stuck in it in the form of a check, cash whatever. How could you have expected them to act any different than to go get a tattoo, go gambling or go pornographic floozies? I don't understand how they expect them to act any different. It's beyond me. I voted for Bush, but I'm having great second thoughts on this wimpy Republican party. This wimpier Democrat party is just ridiculous.

For the punk who don't like old drivers. Okay old people, we need to get us a boom box and turn it up so it can be heard in the next county, stomp on the gas and leave rubber at every stoplight, go down Malone Avenue at least 50 miles per hour, dodge in and out of traffic without signal lights, get us some dope and go, go go.

If anyone has any gourds for sale, please put your number in SpeakOut and we will call you.