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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

Speakout 2/1

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

I'd like to speak out on Mike's article on Jan. 22, about the two fellows who were supposed to be executed. The best thing I can say is, "Right on, Brother, Right on!" The quicker we can get rid of people like that the better off we all are.

I read in the Sikeston paper last week that a bill was passed to increase the rates of people on their home gas heating. The poor and middle class people don't have a chance in heck. Thanks to Mr. Blunt, it was signed in to law Jan. 1. Under great criticism, they are now wanting to repeal it. The Senator was lead sponsor of this bill. We try to save and get slapped in the face. These lawmakers are nothing but crooks, all of them. We have been raped on our Social Security, raped on our taxes, raped on our utilities. Instead of giving all this money to other countries, pay back our Social Security. You people need to remember who you voted for and get these crooks out, because that's all they are. Do you know they want a bill that if your car gets 40 mpg they want you to pay more at the gas pump? These lawmakers aren't for the working class, they are for rich people and big corporations, and that is wrong. A deal like this should never have been passed. Now this Senator wants to repeal it. What a crook. What about you Miss Jo Ann Emerson? Were you for this bill? And what about you Mr. Lanie Black? Were you for it too? The working class would love to know. Awhile back I called SpeakOut about Mr. Black going around to state offices trying to get them to help to get the tax increase. We stuck together and he didn't get it. MoDOT got some money to fix the roads. Now here we go again. We're hearing about a short fall in money. Hmmm, how did that happen? I'm not voting for anyone in office. They are not for the working people. I can't take a vacation or a cruise or anything like that, I have to save for my future. I don't have any money left with all the taxes I pay. Social security needs to be paid back by the government since they are the ones who took it out. They're the ones who stole the money, giving it out, and dipping in to it for other reasons. Instead of sending the money overseas, why don't they do something for this country and put the money back. It's as simple as that. Just like the people down in Louisiana and the grandparents they can't find. It's senseless. It's the worst thing I've ever seen. Why can't they build these people's homes back instead of sending hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas? This is our country. The money should stay here for the people of this country.

I think you are confusing the role of state and federal governments. State legislators have nothing to do with Social Security or foreign aid.

All I can say about the way the world is, why we are in such a bad shape, is because we elected a President who went to college, wanted to be a cheerleader. He decided to pick a guy who has a gay daughter. Need I say more?

Yes, you do because you don't have a point!

The President traveled to Kansas today to give an important and serious speech on Iraq and surveillance and the like. If you go online to the White House, you can read the speech. You might notice in the first paragraph of the speech, there were two laughter lines. In the second paragraph, there were four laughter lines. In the fourth paragraph, there were two laughter lines. Let's just count all the laughter lines in a serious speech where the President goes to Kansas and lays out his case on war that has killed over 2,000 Americans and wounded over 16,000. Let's read that speech, and note, that over 50 times there were laughter lines in a speech by the President on his policies on spying and getting America citizens killed in Iraq. It was less of a serious speech than some stand up comic, who has a very, very sympathetic audience. That might explain that the question and answer session at the end was filled with nothing but fluff, no serious questions. Everybody was giggling and having a good time. I imagine as I am speaking right now, there's a good chance that an American is getting killed in Iraq. That's the kind of President we have, that's the kind of country we have. Is that the kind of citizens we want participating in this democracy? I'm disappointed and shocked. It was truly, truly a pathetic performance by the President and by those people in that building who did not make him answer the hard questions because he got them laughing and got them on his side and they didn't have the guts.

This is in response to Your View that was in Monday's paper. It sounds to me Mr. Professor like you need to get up off your lazy butt and be stuck right in the middle of that war that is supposedly going to happen in Iran. If you're so smart, like you think you are, get over there in the middle of it and take care of it. Bush is the only reason you are able to lay up on your lazy rear end and draw that check you are drawing right now.