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Most deaths from Katrina were white

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Now that the storm has subsided, the Louisiana Department of Health has released the final death toll from Hurricane Katrina. And lo and behold, despite what the civil rights leaders and the liberal activists told us, most of the deaths from the hurricane were in fact white residents.

Liberals, you will recall, went on the airwaves to tell us that the Bush administration delayed response to the victims because most were black.

But state officials now say that whites died at a higher rate than minorities.

Among those who told us otherwise were Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, rapper Kanye West and Damu Smith, founder of the National Black Environmental Justice Network. Unfortunately, now that the truth has surfaced, none of these outspoken activists is making a comment.

Here's the bottom line on Katrina. We as a nation were unprepared for the scope of this disaster. You can point fingers of blame at countless agencies and officials. But regardless, we were just flat-out overwhelmed and it cost lives and property.

But the lack of response (if you believe it) was not because of the racial make-up of New Orleans. Those who leveled those charges are a disgrace to our society because they seek to inflame and create division. Had they wanted the truth, they would not have spoken those words.

There are those in our society who benefit from a divided America. And they will stoop to any means to distort the facts so that they fit their agenda. But the sad fact is that when their distortions are revealed, the networks and the major newspapers ignore the findings. That makes those members of the media just as guilty as those who spoke lies.

It is sad that even one life was lost in Katrina. But it is even worse that some tried to use the disaster to advance their agenda.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen