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Speakout 1/4

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

I'm calling about someone here in the paper saying they were tiffed with Smith. I didn't get who they said they were. Who wrote in about Mr. Smith? I didn't get your name. I don't know how you could get all that space out of SpeakOut without being cut off on the answering machine. You must be a friend of someone or a religious group. I wish we had more born again Christians. If all these people had salvation that have their names on the church books, there would be a better life for us all. Prayer is the key. Read the Bible and believe. You must be born again. I didn't read that I had to have my name on a certain religion, church book or whatever. I know one thing. You must be born again.

Good morning. I'm wondering what they do with all the county taxes. These roads in the county are like wash boards. They have pot holes. A person can not even keep their wheels lined up. Too much of our county money is going to these schools, teachers' salaries and fancy buildings. Hey county officials, wake up. These taxpayers would like to have a break also and have decent roads to drive on. They are the ones paying the taxes, not the school. I think they need to start realizing we need better roads to drive on and less fancy buildings for the schools and lesser teacher salaries.

- - -

The end of the year is tax paying time. I would like to know why some of these smaller towns like Oran and Morley, when the taxes are paid, why can't they repave some of these streets. There's holes and a person can't even hardly drive on them. What do they do with city tax money? They certainly don't spend it on the streets. They must give the city officials more money each year. I think they need to realize the people pay taxes and they want decent streets to drive on.

I'm trying to find someone who works on grandfather clocks. My number is 471-2331.

My family and I moved here about 3 years ago with our dog Cali. She is as much a member of our family as any human would be. She is a wonderful, smart dog. She is very good at jumping fences as well. That's where the trouble begins. We lived at 916 Stanford here in Sikeston and she jumped the fence there any chance she got. She always came home though. Well the last time she jumped, she didn't come back and we would like to take a shot in the dark to bring her home, as she has been missing for a little over a year now. It would be a wonderful gift for our children. She is a red Min Pin. She is large for her breed and she also has a blue ink spot on here stomach due to a surgery she had. If you have her, please try to have it in your heart to call us and let her come home. She has also had surgery for her left leg that was broken as a puppy. This needs specific care and will cause her problems as she get's older. If you have her or know who does, please contact me at 573

-380-7469. Thank you very much. Jimmy, Clara, Sam, and Lil' Jimmy Erwin