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Speakout 10/10

Monday, October 10, 2005

Just got home from the parade. It was fantastic. I loved it. I love the Shriner's clowns. I love the people who throw out the candy for the kids. That is one of the sweetest things that was ever started. But, what I saw today was absolutely ridiculous. The people on the floats throw out candy for the kids. The children are the ones that are supposed to be getting candy. Not parents. They were pushing children to the ground. When you see adults grabbing candy and putting it in their pockets so the children can't get it, something needs to be done where they can no longer do this. If something can't be done about it, then no more candy needs to be thrown at any parade at anytime. I'm sorry for the small children. They look forward to this.

The parade today was very good. But every year, it attracts every slob from miles and miles around. The parade route looks deplorable. Please, next year, no more candy. The big kids and the adults run all over the smaller children, taking the candy away from them. They go up to the vehicles in the parade and ask for candy, crowding the bands. They were afraid they weren't going to get their candy. Once again, no more candy next year.

I just saw where they said in the paper about people in Sikeston being jealous of people on food stamps and disability. It's not that they're jealous. It's just that the hard working people are so tired of paying taxes and working and trying to support their families while these people are able to work and don't. They know how to get out of it. It goes family to family. They would draw more if they would have worked and paid in more. How come they don't do more than they do. I know we have people who are badly in need, but they don't get much. It's the lazy people that gets it all or people who have never worked. It's a shame when the senior citizens, who have worked all their life, have to do without when the lazy ones get everything. And it's not just the blacks. There are just as many good blacks as there are white. There are just as many whites as there are black. There are good in both. I think they need to talk and read the Bible. You should provide for your own family. And if you can't provide for a child, please don't have it and mistreat it. Talk about all these little kids that go hungry. Well, they go hungry anyway, 'cause the people lay up and won't cook for them. They spend the money for something else.

I think that article about the black man driving a SUV and receiving food stamps is a bunch of crap. I think that whole story was made up by white people to make everyone think that only black people are receiving aid. No one in their right mind would say they have six kids, drive a SUV and get food stamps. Be serious. Get real.

This is in regards to the person who said Scott County does not inspect restaraunts and fairs. I have been at the Cotton Carnival for years, and every year the inspector has been by to check everything. They are very polite and professional. That person was just impressed by the other ones showing their badges and trying to be in front of the crowd, and doesn't really know the facts. Maybe they are just not quite as showy as Cape County having to show their badges to everyone but the ones who really need to see them.

To all you little whineys out there. I thought I worked with a bunch of cry babies, but you people out there got us all beat. It sure is tough trying to get home and listen to all of you whine about your co-workers.