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Speakout 2/9

Thursday, February 9, 2006

If you really think our boys and men are dying for a cause you have a hole in your head. The reason our boys over there are dying is because of the oil wells. They need them over there to protect the oil wells because Bush is an oil man. Mike, you can say this is a line or a bunch of bull, but I don't think you will say it to God when you die. Bush is corrupt. He can't support the war unless he takes away from people here. Over there, they have hospitals and have all free medical. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. I am not going to send my son over there to die for an oil well for the money-

making oil men. He is supposed to be the President of the United States only, not President of the whole world.

Next month this will become an $8 trillion debt. This is what George Bush has created in five years for we Americans to pay. This is the most debt incurred, more than our 42 previous presidents all combined. You might ask, "How did he do it?" Here is how. The Iraq War, which should never have been entered in to, $350 billion and counting. A $100 billion and counting paying corporations to move overseas, $16 billion handed out to pharmaceutical companies for the prescription drug program, $14 billion for the new energy bill, $35 billion handout for projects for the new energy bill allowing 12, 000 companies to claim their headquarters in the Cayman Islands in one five story building south of Cuba, thereby not having to pay any income taxes at all. Allowing tax loopholes for corporations paying hundreds of billions to support the illegal aliens that he allows to enter this country and take jobs that the Americans should get and get a decent wage. Just look at the number of jobs lost here by the corporations moving overseas. Now he is trying to get his tax cuts extended so the rich can get richer, and to hell with the poor and the middle class, and to hell with our children and grandchildren having to pay, and to hell with the Gulf Coast. There's no telling how much the Iraq War has cost when you realize how much it costs to care for the 16,000 wounded and to care for the 2250 families of those killed in Iraq. The Republicans should have to pay this $8 trillion. They are the ones that have brought it on. By the way, the reason our Social Security is in trouble is because George Bush has robbed the trust fund.

It's too bad about Blunt. He was the best money could buy.

I'm calling because there has been too many animal killings. I had an animal on Ruth Street. It was a domestic cat. It was a very good cat, could get along with anybody, kids, any person, any other animal. Someone ran over it and sometimes people do that intentionally. I think it should be posted that that's just not right for people to do that. People who would do this could kill people or kids just for the fun of it. Whoever killed the gray and white cat on the 800 block of Ruth Street, her name was Smoky. She had a family that loved her and you should be very ashamed. Karma will come back and get you. You should take a minute and realize that animals are like humans, we have love for them. You should have a little more respect for people's property and their animals.