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Speakout 3/1

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Morehouse School collects Campbell soup labels. You can send them to: Morehouse Elementary, 1002 Virginia Street, Sikeston, MO 6380l. We are also collecting box tops for education and Tyson project A plus labels, which are on most Tyson products. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can send the Campbell soup labels to: Guardian Angel School, 514 Church Street, Oran, MO 63771.

This is to the concerned citizen of Sikeston in the SpeakOut headline Neighborly Folks about a halfway house being put in her Christian neighborhood. If you're so Christian, then you need to understand that there can be recovering drug addicts, recovering alcoholics that need help. They need to get their life back on track and somebody needs to help them with their situation or they will just turn back to their drugs and their alcohol. Then they will terrorize your neighborhood or other cities. So why not really be a Christian and stand beside them and help them out?

I wanted to voice my opinion on the person who said how people friendly our President is and how he takes the time to get picture made with everyone. What kind of crap comment was that? Whoopee, he takes pictures with people. These are people he spies on and tells that he has not done anything wrong. This President has broken the oath he took to uphold the Constitution of the United States. You don't see him taking his picture with any of the men serving this country until after they get home with a missing limb. The economy is in turmoil and we spend more money helping third world countries then turn our back on people here in the United States that need help. People who are not citizens get better care than the hard working middle class who actually have citizenship. Tell me, is this something to be proud of, a president who takes time to take a picture? I was more proud of a President who received oral stimulation. At least this kept things moving in an upward direction. No pun intended.

I'd like to bring attention to a scam that is going around the area. Apparently there is an outfit called Midland Credit Management that is picking names out of phonebooks or whatever and trying to collect bad debts from Fingerhut Corporation, which is now defunct. These debts these people are trying to collect are over 10-years old. In many cases, there are no accounts that have ever been opened by the people they are trying to collect from, or if they have been opened, they've been paid off and closed a long time ago. This Midland Credit Management Group has hired a company called Wineberger, Blaire, Grogan, Sampler, LLC or something like that at Union Plaza in Denver, Colo. to supposedly scare people about a lawsuit. There are statute of limitations. Even if they are yours, if they are over 10-years old, they are totally uncollectible. The statute of limitations has expired. Don't pay them anything. There is no way they can collect, even if it was yours. Go to creditinsiders.com. There are form letters that will stop these people cold. Look it up. Change the sample letters to fit your situation and send these people a certified letter. It will stop them. They have harassed my wife for three years for a debt that was not hers. I stopped them cold by sending them one of these letters.

Y'all quit talking about my company Exxon, you ole boys. I'm a hard working guy. I got a little stock in Exxon and it's a doing good now. Keep your mouth shut and go on your way. Exxon is a good company. They pay their workers well. They spend their money and put it back in the company. So you boys don't know what you are talking about, just go on your way. They are making me a little money now. Shut up and get to work.