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Speakout 8/5

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I was looking through the newspaper and I noticed that there were several radio programs. And I noticed that the Restoration Hour with Fred Bass is not in the paper. He has one of the hottest gospel shows in Southeast Missouri. I would like his program to be put in the paper because he needs to be recognized for his great achievements for his radio program on Sunday morning.

Today I tried Country Boys cooking on West Malone in Sikeston out of curiosity. I had the barbecue sandwich on toast with fries and cole slaw. It was so good, I had to call and brag about it. I couldn't believe how the owners went around talking and greeting the customers. And the girls were so sweet and polite, I had to leave a tip. I also recommend John's Mexican Villa. Try their sancho dinners. I've always gotten the freshest food at a great price. Please support these two restaurants by trying them out and let them know you want them to stay a part of the community a little while longer. Thank you SpeakOut for giving me the opportunity to say something nice about two great restaurants.

I too have had enough of old Claire McCaskill. I knew she wasn't any good to start with when she said she was for gays and lesbians, same sex marriage and homosexuality. We've got something now. She's no good. To the Democrats who say have you had enough? I've already had enough of you Democrats. I knew how you'd be to start with.

Harry Potter books and movies are only fiction. Nobody is practicing witchcraft. I'm glad adults and kids are enjoying the books. At least they're not playing video games. I like the Harry Potter books.

This is in response to the Party time in Vanduser. This is one older lady that lives close to where the kids gather. She's always interfering in everyone's business. She sits outside on her porch or out in her yard and sits where they're at. This is why she thinks the music is loud. There is no law in Vanduser and there's no law against music. If you are sitting right there where they are playing it, yes, it's going to seem loud. She's too old for that. Go in your house and mind your own business. This is none of her business and nothing to do with her. The property owners don't care for them sitting on their property, they're not destroying property and they're not hurting anyone.

I called in three weeks ago about the guy who had the tall grass, etc. that was growing around his property and they put him in jail. On the front page of Sunday July 29th paper it shows Mr. Bizzell mowing and wants the city businesses to keep their yards clean. Go up to SAHEC, the beautiful college up there, and you can't see it because the grass is over six feet tall in front. You need to clean up your own back yard before you preach to anyone else in the city of Sikeston.