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Speakout 10/11

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why isn't there a stop sign on the street that comes from the A&W? All the other streets have stops. I was almost hit there the other day by a truck. There should really be a sign there.

I would like to speak out about the kid's fund raising events. Every week I am hit up by co-workers, friends and neighbors selling girl scout cookies, boy scout popcorn, etc. What ever happened to the day when the actual scout member did the selling, not the parent? Come on guys. Let the kids do the selling and quit putting people on the spot.

Hello. I would like to speak out on the article in the Oct. 2 paper. Steve McPheeters was having an article in there about getting industry in here over a three year plan in Scott, New Madrid and Mississippi counties. Steve, I think you're on to something real big there. We all need industry here. Morehouse, these small towns, we all need it. We need to get with the mayor and the governor and look the whole town over and get some decent housing in this town. The Bootheel Region and Planning Commission, I had them survey in this town over here several years ago when Charlie Neal was mayor. They made up a booklet about the housing in this town. They haven't said any more about that and that's been 15 or 20 years ago. We need the housing over here as well as many other things but I just wanted to stress the importance of good streets and drainage system, that will come on later. Hang in there and I'll be looking for you in the paper and hopefully on television.

I would like to reply to the person who was saying that all the people in Louisiana were on welfare. I suggest you look at Sikeston. There are more people on welfare per capita in this town than was ever thought about in Louisiana. Those people are hard workers. They had bad times. You want to talk about looting and stealing? Look in your own backyard. Look at all of Sikeston. Look at the welfare kings and queens. Look at your own home before you start throwing stones.

I would like to say how much I appreciate all the hard work that Buck Smith has done for the cemeteries around here in Sikeston. Now I would like to know if he would take up our issue, the noise ordinance on the west end of town. It is still terrible. It is better than what it was before we passed the ordinance, but we still have those few that don't conform to the law. We do have two or three good officers. Maybe he can help. We are guaranteed reasonable peace in this United States, and that's all we ask for is reasonable peace.

I would like to comment on the ad in Sunday's paper. I don't know where you come from, but where I come from you have a newborn baby you are proud to show it off. And so far, when I have been out showing my son, I don't sit in the corner and don't ask for an immediate check. People come up to me and tell me my son is beautiful, and they don't seem to have a problem with my son being there. Maybe you were raised in a barn, we weren't. If you have a problem with people taking their children to restaurants, maybe you should just stay home your dad-gummed self.

I'm driving down Malone Street after the parade and there are bottles and trash and junk that people have literally threw all over the place. It looks worse than Louisiana after the hurricane hit down there. And to top it off, these little angels from the sheltered workshop, have to get out here and pick it all up. I think it's terrible and gross. I don't think the people from the workshop should pick it up. I think some of those from the high school and the grade school should have to do it. I don't think our angels from the workshop should do it. Those poor babies. I think it's a disgrace for Sikeston.

We contacted the Community Sheltered Workshop, and they do not pick up along the parade routes.