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Speakout 11/11

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I don't know who wrote the article in Sunday's paper about the cemeteries, but if you go south of Sikeston, you're never going to find Scott Central schools. You have to go north. Somebody needs to get their directions straightened out.

Mike, I'm a regular reader of your editorials, and I have a request. Please write more opinions about President Bush. After all, he is the Commander-in-

Chief, and we are a country at war. His decisions and actions have a profound effect on my life, certainly more than some of these individuals you write about, like that dead Democrat politician from St. Louis, Robert Young. It sort of seems like you're trolling for Democrats, and I'm much more interested in the important stuff, like what the leader of the free world is doing.

Though a staunch Conservative, it's becoming more difficult to find anything positive out of our President. He looked like a Conservative and talked like a Conservative but, in fact, is just another big government politician.

This is about the missing boy in Charleston. There is no importance in him being in and out of jail and a drug user. The importance is that he is missing and there's something wrong and his mother is worried about him. The chief shouldn't have made a smart remark like that, it wasn't of importance. I'll pray for you chief.

- - -

I'm calling about the missing boy in Charleston. My concerns go out to the family. I am so sorry. My other concern is for our public safety. There is no cause for anyone telling what these people are. Because they are drug users don't mean they need to be coming up missing. Because they've been in and out of prison don't make them such a bad person. Concern is for the family. We don't want to hear that other stuff.

I appreciate that Mike Jensen responded to my latest speakout with regards to our discussion of his claim that Hillary Clinton is a Socialist. I asked Mike to provide some evidence to bolster his claim on Hillary's Socialist tendencies. What I got was four sentences from Hillary that were different forms of each other delivered at four different dates completely stripped of any context. Hillary could have been talking about anything from tax increases to urging people to volunteer their time, the evidence offered is evidence of nothing. At this point one might wonder if hesitancy of making some outlandish claim would be a lot easier than making some hopeless quest to prove the unprovable.

It's abundantly clear you know much about proving the improvable.

The Girl Scout Troop that painted their window a week early was not eligible to win. They had a scheduling conflict and couldn't do it the weekend of the contest so they did it a week early. The troop leader was aware they were not eligible, but wanted to participate in the event anyway.