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Your view: Beware Iran

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sometime during the next three years, America may be forced to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear technology sites. Israel may beat us to it. Either way, this action will most likely cause an Iranian response against our troops currently serving in Iraq. A major escalation of hostilities and a greater number of American casualties can be expected.

Many are asking the question, "Why do we need to shed more American blood to keep Iran from possessing nuclear weapons? Russia, China and other countries already possess nuclear weapons and we deter them peacefully. Why is Iran different?"

The answer to this question lies in the mentality of Iran's leadership. Their thinking is not like that of the rest of the world's countries that currently possess nuclear weapons (with the possible exception of North Korea). Iran's leaders have a desire to die in an total war with Israel. They believe they will receive a great reward from "Allah" for doing so.

The only reason Iran has not directly attacked Israel to date is because they do not have the firepower to annihilate Israel, yet. If they were to attack Israel today, Israel would use their "Samson Option," an all out nuclear response. Iran's military capability to seriously damage Israel would be quickly destroyed. Israel would survive, and the goal of the Iranian leadership to totally destroy Israel would not be realized.

Israel is well aware that the moment Iran obtains nuclear weapons, it is over for them. Iran will launch a nuclear first strike without any concern that Israel will launch a quick retaliatory strike. The Iranian leadership doesn't care about their population or themselves because of their skewed religious beliefs. In their view, those that die at the hands of Israel obtain an instant ticket to Paradise. Their goal is to "please Allah" by totally destroying Israel.

I believe the Bush Administration is fully aware of these things (though American liberals either do not seem to be, or they do not care what happens to Israel). Iran must not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons.

This attack on Iran's nuclear sites by either Israel or America may come sooner than we think. Many of the American people are already tired of war. War is Hell, as those who have tasted of it tell us. Nobody in their right mind wants it if there is any other way. But I ask you, "Is it morally right to abandon Israel now?" I believe defending the nation of Israel is worth fighting for. Their very existence is threatened and they need our help.

September 11 changed everything. Before this, the terrorism that occurred frequently in Israel was something that happened to others, not to Americans. After September 11, we now know how they feel.

Iran is control central for terrorist activities. They fund groups such as Hezbollah. Also, Saddam's Iraq proudly gave $25,000 to the each family of any suicide bomber who died in Palestine after committing a terrorist act. Saddam bragged to the world about it. I wrote a Letter to the Editor published in September 2004 detailing why I do not accept the 9/11 Commission's conclusion that there were no proven ties between Saddam and Al-Qaida. Newsmax.com now reports that "The Bush Administration is now about to release never-before-seen documents captured when U.S. forces liberated Baghdad that chronicle the extensive training of thousands of radical Islamic terrorists by Saddam Hussein's regime . . . The secret training took place primarily at three camps in Samarra, Ramadi, and Salman Pak," reports the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes . . . More intriguing still is the documentation on Salman Pak - a camp previously described by Iraqi defectors as the location of airline hijacking dress rehearsals that bear a striking resemblance to what took place on 9/11. . .

Hayes reports that the materials currently being reviewed for release include photographs, handwritten notes, typed documents, audiotapes and videotapes - plus information recovered from compact discs, floppy discs and computer hard drives."

President Bush is about to be vindicated. We need to stand behind our President and our troops during this time, and we need to prepare ourselves for what could be a bloody escalation of hostilities with more American casualties. We must maintain our resolve.


Scott Coatney