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Speakout 1/23

Monday, January 23, 2006

Democrats do care, thank you very much. I attend a Methodist Church, and let me tell you, there's not a finer bunch of God fearing and Christian people than they are. Our church family is formed up of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. We care about what goes on in our community and our nation. We all pray for the leaders of our nation, including President Bush and the Vice President. We're all striving to make Heaven our home. How dare you to say Democrats are nothing but hypocrites. My Bible tells me, "Judge not lest you be judged." So if you don't have anything better to do than to pass judgment, you need to keep your mouth shut. We all love and respect one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, and we let no certain party stand in our way. Thank you and may God bless.

I'm not reading this off, I'm doing it off the top of my head. I know a little girl in November that got ran over by a train because her mother told her to crawl under the train. And she lost a whole arm and two fingers on the other arm. The mother was given a $75,000 bond. She couldn't afford to pay it so she could stay in jail. And all of a sudden, it went to another judge. He gave her leniency and let her out with no bond at all. And now they have had a change of venue are going to go to another county to try her and it's all hush, hush. People in Scott County wake up. Take care of our young people because no one else has guts enough to do it.

Well, I seen two of them again who just cannot tell the truth. Gore is still mad because Bush beat him in the election, up there telling what Bush has done, cheating and all that. And then turned right around and proved that Clinton did it and Jimmy Carter did it. So why are they always putting Bush down. And then Hillary got up there and what did she do? She was supposed to be talking about Martin Luther King and she put a feather in hers. What about her friends in Arkansas that came up dead? The papers were shredded and everything. If the Republicans would push the Democrats, there would be half of them in jail.

To the person who called in about DFS. Maybe DFS did check on your report and found that there wasn't any abuse going on. Maybe you just need to mind your own business and let parents raise their kids the way they want. I got my hind end busted when I was a kid, and I'm no worse for wear. Maybe that's why this country is in the shape it is today, because parent's can't correct their child without some old busybody like yourself turning them in for abuse.

To whomever backed into the silver BMW last weekend. I have a description of you and your vehicle. Several people saw you do it. You can either pay for the damage you caused, or I will take the information I have to the police and attempt to prosecute you. I would think it'd be cheaper to pay to fix the car than pay to get out of trouble for leaving the scene of an accident. Your choice. Call 573-200-0321.

This is to the person that is griping about the electric wheelchairs at Wal-

Mart. I would like to know how you can determine that people are disabled or not? It takes two or three doctors and a long wait to be determined disabled. Maybe you can go apply at the state for your abilities to make this determination. And the electric chairs are not the only ones available. There are regular wheelchairs that you can also ride in. I get shots in my back and have to use them myself every once in a while. And some of the people that you see riding in those chairs that may not look disabled, may have something wrong that is not a visible disability. So just like I tell my daughter. Life is not fair. Deal with it and get in one of the wheelchairs that you have to manually push around with your own hands. And leave the determination of disabled people up to the doctors.