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Speakout 2/2

Thursday, February 2, 2006

I think I may have made a mistake voting for Dubya. What's he trying to do with all this eavesdropping? Listening in on all the neighborhood gossip or maybe a possible terrorist? I thought his job was to wait until the terrorist strike us and then take the blame. Seriously though, isn't that what happened on 9-11? Why do people have such poor memory? Believe it or not folks, and this is not new news, there are millions and millions of sub-human scum that want to kill us. If this United States was blown up to one big, smoking, charred hole in the ground, they would celebrate and praise their god for all the death. They are not going away. They want us dead. Personally, I hope the wire taps continue before the people try to eliminate Mr. Bush and his efforts to keep us safe. Tap my phone, I have nothing to hide.

I would like to give thanks and appreciation to the police officers who responded to a 911 call at my home Jan. 1st. Due to your successful efforts, you have taken another criminal off our streets. Thank you and God bless you for a job well done.

Well, it looks like George Dubya has done it again. His wonderful plan for the prescription drug program and Medicare is another big joke of his. My sister received a letter from Medicare in October which said if she didn't chose another provider, she would automatically be enrolled in the main plan in the letter. She also received another letter that said she didn't have to do anything to be enrolled on Jan. 1, 2006. I took a prescription to have it filled last week only to be informed that she wasn't in the system, whatever that means. I then called the main provider and was told the same thing, "Not in the system." After that, I called Medicare. Same thing, "Not in the system." I then had to go through the whole process to enroll her in the plan that she was supposed to be automatically enrolled in originally. It now becomes effective Feb. 1 instead of Jan. 1. To get her Rx, I will have to call the insurance company, once again, to get a membership number, while I wait to get her membership card. This is just another wonderful idea that didn't work. It would be nice if he could do something right for a change.

To the person who was talking about the cameras that they put up and sending tickets in the mail. I believe if you don't break the law, they won't send you tickets in the mail. I'm just wondering if that's not the reason they don't like the cameras. Obey the law, you won't get a ticket.

I've been reading all these comments about all these banks. I would like to speak out about the girls at Alliance Bank, just how nice they always are.

To the person who is fed up with the Feds. All you have to do is call the telephone company, give them your number and your name, tell them you do not want these calls and I guarantee you in 31 days they will have them all cut off of you. I don't get no calls like that anymore. I called them two or three years ago and it's still lasting. I know you can still do it because I told my friend about it here while back and he's not been getting any calls. He's been getting a few, but his 31 days aren't up. I takes them 31 days to get them all out. Fed up with them, get rid of them.

I'm calling concerning the county and city taxes being paid already, what do they do with them? These roads are miserable. Why can't the city officials get busy and fix some of these roads? That way, we won't have to hit a car by dodging the potholes.