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Speakout 12/6

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

My comments this morning are to the members or board of directors of non profit organizations and profit organizations. I want you to stop and think about your input on the board. Are you someone who's older and retired? Did you join because you are bored and didn't have anything else to do? Should you be at home and taking care of yourself instead of serving on the board? Perhaps you are serving to go to the dinners and for the prestige of it. But what do you really owe these organizations and the employees and their families who are depending on the board to make positive growth for their company? Are you a positive member for the board or are you just there for friendship because you are bored with nothing else to do? Should you not step aside and do the best thing you could ever do for this organization and its employees? Let someone else that is young, motivated, high energy, up to date on all the latest financial information and what is going on and manufacturing information take your place. Are you just there for many years and don't know how to get off? I'm asking you this holiday season to take a good, long hard look at the employees and their families who are depending on you to make the best possible decision for the organization. Isn't it time you stepped aside? Maybe you're involved with two or three other boards and don't have the time or the energy or in to this board. Don't be selfish and let someone energetic take over so we don't lose anymore companies and employees. Maybe you're not doing all you should. Are you serving selfishly or unselfishly?

This is Harold Dockins. I'm reading SpeakOut and I appreciate the free advertising, but you put my cell phone number in wrong. My cell phone is 703-3450 not 702-2450. That's the way it is listed in the yellow pages.

I am a Sikeston basketball fan and I was just wondering why are the other schools basketball games covered on the radio and Sikeston varsity games are not covered?

The games are broadcast on 1400 AM and 1520 AM on your radio dial.