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Speakout 11/27

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I read an article in a local paper where the prosecuting attorney of Mississippi County got permission from the county commissioners to call a grand jury to investigate several cases including the missing funds from the Detention Center. Could you please tell me why the grand jury has not been called yet and whose job it is to call a grand jury? As a taxpayer and a citizen of Mississippi County, I would like to know where the money went, and what the hold up is in getting the jury started.

A grand jury has not been called for Mississippi County because the circuit judge, David A. Dolan, has not yet decided to do so. It is the circuit judge's job to call a grand jury at his discretion.

Stop the music. Stop the music. We can't understand what these actors are saying in these shows. Stop the music.

I am calling on behalf of all the people who have Medicaid or Medicare. If President Bush and Governor Blunt would walk one day in some of these people's shoes, I think they would change their minds. And if any members of their family would have a life threatening disease, I think they would think twice about changing these laws. There will be innocent people dying because they do not have the money. They will have to decide between medicine to keep them going or food to feed their bodies. They need to quit going to church because it's not doing them a bit of good at all, living the life they are living and changing these laws where innocent people can't even stay healthy or stay alive like they should be. I think they need to read the Bible, also. I think they must have put it by the roadside. Bush can stand up there and so can Governor Blunt, and believe me these are not Christian people the way they are doing these innocent older people, people with birth defects and or any kind of life threatening diseases. I hope someday they will open their eyes and see that God will judge them on Judgment Day for what they are doing to these innocent people.

This is in answer to the lady who had the mentally retarded daughter that works at the Community Sheltered Workshop. If she makes $50 or $60 a month, surely you don't charge her room and board. So what is she doing with that money that she couldn't pay to get her tooth fixed? After all, we got to quit asking for so much help and try to hold on to what we have, and do it without government assistance. That is what is wrong with this country now. We all expect too much without working for it. So answer me. What does she do with $50 or $60 a month? She gets free transportation there and back. She probably gets her lunch. Let me have an answer with what she's doing with her money that she can't get her tooth fixed. Thank you.

I just finished reading the article in the newspaper about the young lady that is battling melanoma. That's very sad. I talked to a woman in billing a few months ago at the hospital, and she told me that the hospital has what they call an emergency medical fund for illegal aliens. Why can't we have something like this for people like this young woman? I'm sure there are other hospitals around the country have the same thing for illegal immigrants to come in. Why can't we have something for the taxpayers?

In the Friday, Nov. 18 paper the headline for Annie's Mailbox read, Wife Needs to get Her Rest. And both articles in there do not have anything in them about a wife needing rest. This happens quite often. I was hoping that the people at the newspaper would take more time in putting the headlines up there for Annie's Mailbox and hoping they would pertain to the columns and comments contained therein.