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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Your view: Stop bending

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Charles Dickenson's classic Christmas Story "Scrooge" in the beginning gives us the picture of what our Society will become if we continue to placate the cynic, the Atheist, and the Materialist mindset concerning any and all symbols "Christian." For 200 years and longer in America, Thanksgiving and Christmas promoted a national symbolic reverent observance of the source of all things good, God and Jesus Christ. It is ridiculous the way "Christians" in the last 30 or 40 years have been intimidated and coerced being called bigots, hate filled, narrow minded, cruel, ignorant, rude, and crude, by "Non-Christian Sources" in their "anti-Christian movement" in an attempt to control how Christians vote, act, and talk in public in order that "Christians" might be "tolerated" by "non-Christians!"

Just think of it. The Far Left element in our society convinced a number of "Christians" that in order for "Christians" to prove their "Christian tolerance" Christians must refrain from showing any signs or symbols of respecting, or observing anything traditionally "Christian" in our society in order that "well educated intolerant elitists" be allowed to set the agenda in all things public and political thereby making "Christians," "Tolerable."

For 200 years we understood, observed, and respected the second part of the 1st amendment as correctly as the first part regarding religion. You know the part that says "congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of religion?" If Congress can make no law regarding religion, how can a Federal Judge do it, who was from the beginning intended to "make no law," in the first place?

So much have "Christians" so bent over backwards to prove their "tolerance" for "intolerant non-Christians" that everything is now seen up side down and backwards. Disillusioned Christians being in that bent over backward and upside down position have been pulled around by their belt buckle by the Anti-Christ, and his anti-Christian agenda through every morally depraved form of debauchery imaginable in this materialistic devil's pit we call the World, for far too long.

Now we are at the point that retailers, whose only God is their bottom line, are reflecting back to us the attitudes and perceptions that have been conveyed to them by "Christians" by their bent over backward, upside down thinking in our recent past. The retailer's perception of their "market" evolved. They've come to perceive it is more appealing to their mass market to placate non-Christian elements, and are just giving shoppers what they perceived they wanted. The message that Christians have conveyed by their bent over backwards tolerance of all things Anti-Christ is, the world is better and each citizen is a better citizen to his fellowman when they leave Christ out of their public and political lives, and hide any mention, or symbol of his name. Now who caused retailers to get that perception? The ACLU? Left Leaning Federal Judges with a Far Left Leaning agenda? It might be easy to say that and go back to eating our turkey and ham. But, it may not digest too well if we look deeper and realize that "Christians" have allowed this to happen. The ACLU and Left Leaning Federal Judges have been building up to this for 40 years. Christians, like a fat sheep grazing in a lush valley here in America have ignored these wolves in sheep's clothing for far too many years, because they had it too good, and they didn't sense the danger. Now that they're sinking their fangs into our necks, some are finally seeing the need to cry out the name of The Good Shepard. May God Bless us, everyone.

John McMillen