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Speakout 12/4

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Hello. I would like to speak out. I read where they had a meeting at the Cape Airport a week or two ago about an ethanol plant either being built at Scott City or Sikeston. I've lived around in Sikeston most of my life. I can't help but hope that Sikeston gets this plant. To me it's more centrally located with good highways in whichever direction you want to go in to it. It's got Burlington Northern Railroad right close to the Power Plant. There's also a good hundred acres of land across from the Power Plant. To me this would be good locations. I hope the committee that picks the site has talked to Peter Myers and Lanie Black. They are both good men, farmers and they are involved.

I may be one the few who has spoken out on topics of true importance. To begin with racism. This is for you hillbillies that are always making comments about those people, those stupid Mexicans those blacks. You are right. Those Mexicans are so stupid they know two languages. You never hear anyone say those white honkies. Why say those people? Last time I checked they were all the same. We are a human race. Why is it so difficult for newcomers in this town to find a job? Is it because we don't now all of yall's grandpappies? Really, try something new. Hire someone that is not related or a friend of a friend. You may wind up with honest and dependable employees. Another thing, why is childcare been cut? Are we being punished for people's laziness in the past. Cigarettes are not a necessity but clothes for your children are. Let's think about important things.

If anyone needs a doghouse, I have two. I would like to give them away for free. Both have wooden floors and are in good condition. One is for a medium sized dog, the other one smaller. Unable to deliver. Call me at 887-4274, Chaffee, Mo.

I would like to speak out about the corporate retail ad this season. I realize these ad decisions are made at corporate level and not local, however, I saw a Wal-Mart executive on Bill O'Reilly who said the decision was made to take Christ out of Christmas ads so as not to offend any of their customers. The Wal Mart theme is Home for the Holidays. Lowe's and Famous follow Wal-

Mart lead. Walgreens features holiday wrap and holiday cards with not mention for the reason of the season. Sear's ads has one mention of a Christmas story village trademark collection. I would like to thank the local merchants that are keeping Christ in Christmas. That would be Riggs, Goody's, Orschelin at Dexter. I'm sure there are others as well. There should be a public outcry about this.

This is to the woman who has the daughter that works at the workshop and can't get dental care. Why haven't you taken charge of your daughter's medical situation, gotten a job and gotten insurance or saved the money for a situation like that like everyone else has to do to take care of that? Why is someone else's fault that your daughter is having a toothache? Did you think that the handouts were going to go on forever? I think people need to start taking responsibility for their own needs instead of looking for handouts. I just think that you have taken this handout for so long that you just don't know what to do. And by the way, where's the father? Aren't either of you working where you can provide insurance for this child?