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Speakout 10/4

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Mike, It has to be a boring, rainy day for me to read your editorial, but thanks to Hurricane Rita, I find myself doing just that. It's rather amusing when you write that "future generations will curse our stupidity," The cursing is going on right now, you just want the cursing to be directed at someone other than your "chosen ones." Today's real news had an interview with Saudi Arabia's finance minister, where he says he warned the United States years ago that our problem was not lack of oil, it was that we allowed the closure of refineries without replacing them. He went on to say that his country has offered to help the United States build two new refineries in the last few years, and the Bush administration has not replied. Why, you might ask, would they do a fool thing like that? It's all about money, folks. Oil companies can make more money by making less gasoline. It's supply and demand. Gas prices are going up, and oil companies are making profits in the double digits. Plus, our brilliant Congress guarantees them even more of our hard-

earned money in the Energy Bill they just passed, so full of pork and ridiculous spending, the smell alone could run our automobiles. We have a refinery shortage, not an oil shortage. Drilling anywhere isn't going to give us more refineries, Mike. Only government run by someone other than greedy oil men is going to pull us out of this mess.

In watching the blame game and race cards pulled in the wake of our latest two hurricanes, I am sickened by what I am seeing. I have hard the response was due to racism, claims the Red Cross is racist, clean up efforts are racist, being made to stand in lines for supplies is racist. Where is the thank you for all of America coming out and giving? This was a major disaster and flaws in initial preparedness and assistance on all government levels. I believe that for way too long, the Black Leaders of America, such as the Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson, and many more prominent Black Leaders have preached blame for too long. They are now using the hurricane for their agenda to gain more free programs. They should encourage people to stand on their own two feet, instead of always keeping people down by saying they need help. They need free services to be able to improve their lives. They want more money, free land, free housing. I was always taught that you get what you work for and nothing else. No one can improve their life it they are constantly told they need the assistance of others and the bad in life is always someone else's fault. These leaders should be preaching pride and independence. The Americans today are not the people of yesterday and are tired of being blamed for someone's failure in life. There are so many free programs out there for the poor. Maybe it is time that some were taken away to encourage independence. If parents don't have the moral decency to encourage their children to become better citizens, get education work (two jobs if they have to), it is the parent's fault and no one elses. No one, not white, not black should teach racism and government dependence to their children. You see, racism goes both ways. Many times I see the race card played to make excuses for failures and for ploys to get something. If you learn to stand on your own two feet and not expect anyone else to take care of you, you will have a sense of pride that no one can take away. Poverty can be greatly improved, but only by the person himself (or herself). No amount of free programs can do this. They only encourage dependence. Not until the person wants out, will their life improve. GED's, continuing education and community service work should be required when a person signs up for free services. In turn, the government should assist with daycare longer when a person's income does not cover expenses with adequate moneys left for living expenses. All citizens on probation should be required to work full time or do community service work until they have a full time job. Your life is what you make it, and if you don't want your children to be a mirror image of yourself, you had better teach them moral values and hard work. I had much rather see my child working at McDonalds than in a prison cell or dead of drugs or guns.

I'm the lady in the wheelchair that went up to the stage at the Randy Travis concert at the Cape Fair. He was so nice to have done what he did, reaching down and holding my hand like he did. Only two of my pictures turned out. If anyone has any pictures, or maybe on VHF tape, please leave your number in Speakout and I'll get in touch with you. I would really love to have them, because he is one of my favorite singers.