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Speakout 11/26

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I would just like to speak out to these people who are trying to get these instant money loans or holiday loans. Income tax places are trying to get you in to give you loans to help you out with your holiday bills. Please beware. They act like just anyone can get these loans and they can't. So don't get all set up and act like you are going to have money in 10 minutes because it is subject to credit approval. I don't understand because if you have good credit you wouldn't be trying to get income tax credit loans and paying a fortune for them. I just wanted to warn everybody. Don't be getting your hopes up because they are going to be dashed when you get in there.

Oh, I see all you running the Democrats down. You're mad and jealous we voted the Republicans out of office. At least we may not starve. Oh, we are happy for the change coming. A Democrat always.

I would like to thank the nurse and Dr. Heeb for taking the time to stop and check out my son at Wal-Mart Nov. 6. He was in the checkout line when he passed out. The nurse was standing in line behind him when he was having a bad headache and passed out in front of her. She called an ambulance and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. Someone saw Dr. Heeb in Wal-

Mart and told him about my son was laying in the floor in front of the store. He came up front and checked on him. I think it was very kind of both of them to take their time to stop and help him. Thanks to them I was able to spend a few extra days with my son before he passed away. I want to thank you.

Sewing it up

Our Wal-Mart store is going to be closing the fabric department in February. I would like for all the crafters, quilters and people who sew for themselves and their families to contact Wal-Mart and ask them not to close our fabric department. They can get a form at the service desk. I think it's called the "How are we doing" form. You don't have to have a stamp or anything. You just fill it out and mail it in. A lot of elderly people can't drive to Cape, Dexter and around and this is the only one in Sikeston.

Hello, this is on your article Friday, Nov. 17. This is to the person "Face the facts." This person is not a smoker, he's not obese. He is tired of walking through smoke going into a building where ever he is at. Evidently he is walking in the back of the store, hospital or where ever, because in front of the hospital here, they have designated areas out back somewhere. And at the stores, out back. Huh, it's amazing. What are you doing at the back of these buildings? Because the majority of these places the smoke is not there. As far as obese, they will have to spend extra money for that coffin you are talking about that you'll be reading about in the obit and pall bearers and all that. So, if you don't want to look at people, evidently you must have had plastic surgery sometime in your life. Is your nose still growing or is that part of your Halloween costume? Get a life. You know, you are going to complain about something anyway. The best thing for you to do is get a hobby. Go to the front door where there is no smoke. Have a smokeless day.