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U.S. can't survive so many divisions

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Even as a devoted "news junkie," I'm getting tired of watching national television news these days. If you were an outsider and knew little of this country, you would believe there is no agreement on any subject in America. And, of course, you would be right.

From the war in Iraq to the upcoming Supreme Court nomination, there is a division in this nation unlike any other in recent memory. That in itself would not be a substantial problem but the prospects for any agreement on any topic seem far-fetched these days. I doubt it will get any better.

The blatantly-liberal national news media and the equally blatant conservative talk radio share some of the blame or credit for this division. I listened to talk radio last night - as I often do - and there was not one single point of agreement on not one single topic of political discussion.

For those among you who think this "healthy debate" is one of the strengths of this great nation, I say you are wrong. Our current division is so deep on such a wide range of issues that it creates hatred and bitterness and little progress.

If your family ran like the government these days maybe you would begin to see the scope of the problem. If family members could never agree on what to do or when to do it or how to do it, you'd find yourself in one heck of a predicament. And you wouldn't get anywhere.

Well that's our federal government on abortion, immigration, tax reform and a whole host of issues that mean so much to our lives.

Here's what really concerns me. Regardless of the outcome on the 2006 elections, the stalemate will most likely continue. But the real concern is the 2008 presidential election. I see no one on the horizon in either political party that holds a chance of reuniting this country. Were Senator Clinton to win that election, today's stalemate may actually seem pleasant. I see no one on the Republican side of the ledger who offers much promise either.

Lincoln talked about a house divided against itself. He was talking of a different topic in those days but the wisdom remains the same. And right now, our house is split right down the middle.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen