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Speakout 11/23

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This is to the person who said that Sikeston is a hick town. If you don't like Sikeston, stay out of it.

Good afternoon. The article that said can't trust women. Let me tell you something. We work in a society where we do the best we can. I work for a trucking company here in Sikeston. We have men that is discriminating against women that is qualified in their jobs but, they are so afraid that they are gonna take their job that they're not capable of. They're bringing their buddies and the females have to train them and pass the females on when they should really have that position. And they are qualified, if not MORE qualified, than these men, because they have their egos. They have discriminated against these women and I'm tired of it. Let me tell you something. Whoever wrote this that you can't trust women, you better check your thoughts again brother. If it wasn't for your mother, she's the one that brought you in this life, and if you didn't trust her to get you in here safe, you better trust women. I trust women where I work, but I don't trust men because of their bigotry and their ego. Because it's a trucking company or whatever, they need to pull their head out and work as a team and shut up. Women are just as good as men. Don't say they make their own decisions. We have clowns where I work out that make worse decisions.

- - -

This is to the person who can't trust women in the Nov. 16 paper. Usually in most households, it's the woman that does the budget.

I'd like to speak out about people taking Christmas off of the windows. When people wish you happy holidays, just which holiday are they meaning? We have several every year, Fourth of July, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day. Would it be appropriate to wish everyone a happy holiday and cover every one of them? Or could we just have one day and celebrate every holiday at the same time? That would leave us with a lot more money in our pockets and we could go ahead and work on that day and make some more money. If we are celebrating season's greeting, then what seasons are we referring to there? There are four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. Why not celebrate seasons greetings for each one? Or maybe we could just have one greeting for all of them, too. Christmas is a tradition of taking money out of our pockets and putting it in to the chain stores. They don't even have enough nerve to wish you a Merry Christmas. Why don't we just keep our money in our pockets and let them have season greetings? I don't give happy holidays presents and I don't give seasons greetings presents, I give Christmas presents.

This is referring to the Nov. 16 article entitled TaeKwanDo Advantage. First off it was a great picture, but is the chief instructor the only competitor of this school? He is the only one I ever see in the paper. Also, having watched the tournament myself, I remember the grand champion was shared with Doug Johnson from Jackson. As a paying parent, it would be nice to see how these students fare at these tournaments.

This is to our city leaders and everyone in charge. I want to know what has happened to the jobs in this town. We lost Big Lots almost two years ago, and we were told we were getting a theater. Well, I still haven't seen the theater come up and Big Lots is still gone. We just have one major store in this town to shop at for anything. I'd just like to get something done. All these factories that have closed, namely, Essex, the bread company and Fleming. What's happened to this town? Where are all the jobs to keep the young people here? If anybody has anything to say about it, or any kind of input, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.