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Speakout 11/16

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can you see about putting some city water out here at Pharris Ridge? We live at Route 3 right across from Morehouse and we need city water. We do not like this well water.

I checked ABC, CBS and NBC to see if they had the President on when he made the Veteran's Day speech. Of course, they didn't. They're so afraid that the ignorant will be educated, but they don't worry about the stupid because they can't be educated.

Sikeston is a hick town. Monday we did our shopping there and then went to a fast food place for a sandwich and a drink. As I wiped our table, my husband went to order our lunch. When he came back, he not only saw a customer stuffing her purse full, but he said you wouldn't believe how filthy it is where they are fixing the food and the young people are running over each other to keep from waiting on the customers. The high school students came for their lunch. One girl looked like she was wearing her pajamas. We left by the back door where three more students were. The two boys were puffing on their cigarettes and a red headed girl passed something to one of the boys. They knew we saw them and they watched us cross the street to our car. They had a guilty look on their faces. Marijuana perhaps? Just when I was beginning to believe in them.

I want to agree with you on your article about shipping jobs overseas. There is only one solution to this problem. If they want to shut our jobs down so they can get it cheaper over there, just tell them to keep it over there and we don't want it. I used to have a Christian store and I used to try to find things that were made in the USA. But, all I heard was that I can get it cheaper in these discount stores. America is going to sell itself out on cheap stuff. Their products don't last, they are cheaply made and I would like to see it go back to Made in America. I'm tired of them bringing their junk over here and closing our jobs down. Sooner or later nobody is gonna have a job or any money to buy anything until we stand up and say don't bring it over here.

To the woman that says she is a terrorist and the bomb did not go off, Give her one that does. End of story...

This is to "History Repeating Itself", I think the last thing this country needs is a female President. Women get too emotional when it comes to business management and that is how this country operates, like a business. Look at the Governor of Louisiana. She's made that state a joke! Then all she can do is play the blame game? No, women have no reason being a President. I, for one, wouldn't trust a woman with my money, let alone, my country.