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Speakout 11/17

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have a mentally handicapped daughter that works out at the Community Sheltered Workshop in Sikeston, she has worked there for years. She only clears about $50 or $60 a month, but she loves working there, and I guess that's all that matters. But the thing of it is, she has had a bad toothache and for years she went to the same dentist for her teeth, capping them and all that. Well, she has a toothache and I called out there and they claim they quit fixing adult's teeth and I don't understand that. She's on Medicaid, of course, she has paid her taxes. She's worked, like I said, at the Community Sheltered Workshop for years. She's paid taxes for years and she is a very disabled person. I just don't understand. Governor Blunt if you can hear this or see this in the paper you should be ashamed of yourself, because my daughter is suffering with a toothache. Now I don't know what to do about it. They ought to take you and make you have to put up with things like this so you can see and be poor and be like this and see what's going on so you will know what it's like. I just don't know what to think of you Mr. Blunt. I can't wait until we get to vote again so I can definitely vote against you, or whoever else is involved in this mess for the handicapped people. That's all I've got to say. Shame on you, Mr. Blunt. If anyone out there has any suggestions on how I can get my daughter some help, please put it in the paper. She needs help with her teeth.

Why not send some of these young Republicans over to fight the war? Not these 50 and 65 year olds. Put some of these 20 year olds, that walk the street with a cigarette and a cell phone in their hands. I wish they had a law where they drafted these boys in again. I see so many of them sitting on the porch a smokin' and doin' their dope, when they ought to be over there fighting, instead of living off the welfare.

Young Republicans? Welfare? Do you perhaps have your parties confused?

This is about the man who put it in there about the Republicans having all the money and telling all the lies. He's probably one of those on welfare that hasn't ever worked a day in his life. He's got all the money. The working Republicans haven't got any money and they ain't all of them on welfare like these lazy Democrats. There's some good Democrats, just like Republicans, hard working Democrats, but they want to put down Bush and build up Clinton. Clinton lied, like a lot of the others who went to the pen for lying, and just like ole Kennedy on there who put down Bush. What did he do? He murdered somebody. I just saw this morning where a Democrat shot at a woman and killed her. He'll probably go to the pen for life, you mark my words. But Kennedy got out of it, and he was drunk and left the scene of the accident for 24 hours. He murdered and he got out of it. I don't think Bush has ever done anything that Clinton and Kennedy done. I wish people would look at Bush and try to appreciate what a good thing he is trying to do. He has a bad thing with the tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and all this dry weather and all this bombing and 9-11 and all that. Why don't they find something good in it? Find out who's causing all the problems in the United States. If they looked, they'd find out who went overseas all the time, and took money and everything while he was in office.