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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nobody asked me but...hey Sikeston bums, thanks for the invite to the game on Friday night. I was there, where were you? Sources say there are over 100 active members of the Bleacher Bums organization. I counted 48 at the game Friday night. So where were the rest of you?

In all seriousness, my problem isn't with the chants, cheers and enthusiasm. My problem is with the attendance of the entire student body. Sikeston High School has over 1,000 students enrolled and there was probably less than 200 in attendance at the game.

Congrats to the Sikeston boys team for advancing to the semifinals of the Superman Classic. Most likely, a date with Massac County awaits on Friday night. If history is any indication, when a team plays Massac at Massac, have the number to the county police on hand, you're going to get robbed.

New Madrid County Central has an excellent pep band, which in my view, adds more to the basketball atmosphere. Only problem for the pep band is that their music usually falls on deaf ears. Where is the fan support Eagle fans? The boys team seems to be coming around, support would be appreciated.

Jordan Kimball of NMCC is the best passer I have seen in the area for boys basketball. The only problem for Eagle players is not if Kimball will find you, but if you will have a broken nose if your hands are not constantly up and ready to receive the pass.

It is clear cut, Sikeston's Michael Porter is the best freshman boys player in the area. Porter won't dazzle you with flashy, high-flying dunks, but he is fundamentally sound and understands how to play in the post. He is a mature player beyond his years.

Instead of having boys junior varsity games ahead of the varsity, let the girls varsity teams play before the boys. The games would matter in conference seedings and playoff implications, which in turn would provide a heated atmosphere. Junior varsity teams can play on Monday and Thursday. n Now that the boys have a SEMO Conference Tournament starting next year, when will the girls have the same opportunity?

For being a Class 3 school, Portageville has an excellent student section. From the start of the game until the end, Portageville students are involved. Amazingly, Portageville students found some time away from their studies to attend a Tuesday night game.

For Peyton Manning to be a winner in the playoffs, he has got to get rid of the "happy feet." Put pressure on Manning and he goes absolutely nuts. Manning simply cannot handle pressure and teams in the NFL should take note.

What was Pittsburgh thinking by not playing defense the way they did the entire game for the Colts' last drive? Last time kids, the only thing the prevent defense does for a team, is prevent you from winning.

Colts win the game against Steelers if Nick Harper veers towards the sideline, instead of taking it toward the middle of the field.

Harper recovered the Jerome Bettis fumble on the 2-yard line and looked to be heading for pay-dirt the other way.

For some reason only known to Harper, he decided to run TOWARDS the defenders instead of away from.

And finally, nobody asked me but...all high school athletes should have paid attention to the play of the Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger and Patriots' Ben Watson.

Both players showed the never-say-die attitude and didn't quit on their respective plays. In the case of Big Ben, his team is going to the AFC Championship because of his game-saving tackle.