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Speakout 1/18

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This is to the woman that insists on exposing her breast in public while she is feeding her child. This is not New Guinea and National Geographic is not coming to snap your photo

Blue about Bayou

I want to speak out because I am very sad. I just found out that the James Bayou Cookers are calling it quits. Wake up, people. Everyone knows that the James Bayou Cookers put East Prairie on the map. I can't imagine how many years they have been cooking, but I know they have endured a lot. They've cooked in the rain, wind, heat, snow, and even a tornado. One can only guess how many pounds of fish, hush puppies, crawfish, fries, chickens and barbecued pork they have cooked and served. That doesn't even count the cole slaw, pickles, onions and drinks they have fixed. These men and women know all too well what it takes to serve crowds of up to 100 people or more. Look how many times they have prepared food, free of charge, just so everyone could get together and visit. People would come for miles. I never heard anyone complain about that. If you never attended one of those cook outs, you don't know what you missed. How many years have they raised money and donated all the profits to the Kenny Rogers CP Center? There are numerous times that they donated money to individuals just because they needed it. They did this from the goodness of their hearts, not because they wanted our praise or recognition. It's a shame you can't do what you enjoy. Teddy would be heartbroken if he were still with us. He helped start the Cookers, and I'm sure he would have wanted them to carry on the name, even after he was gone. I applaud you James Bayou Cookers for your years of service and dedication you've given East Prairie. We love you and we will miss you.

I want to speak out about the lady who was breast feeding her baby. I am an 82-year-old man and my mother breast fed me and eight other children. If you think that's bad, her breast feeding her baby in public, look at some of these clothes that some of these girls and old women are wearing in this day and time. They're not feeding no baby, but their boobs are hanging out. And on TV. If the woman wants to feed her baby in public, I don't think anyone needs to make any remarks about it. All they're trying to do is stir up trouble. The women on TV, some of them got big boobs. So I think they ought to criticize other women, not the one trying to feed her baby. That's all.

I'd like to speak out about the boys in jail. They broke the law. They should have to pay their price. And I think when they break the law and go to jail, they ought to have food and water. They ought to have a place to go to the bathroom and take a shower and clean up. But I don't think they should have any other privileges besides that. They broke the law and that should be part of their punishment for breaking it.