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SpeakOut 9/30

Saturday, September 29, 2007

In the Wednesday, Sept. 19 edition of your newspaper, in the story on inductees into the Sikeston High School "Hall/Walls of Fame," the writer declared, "Members of the 1957-1958 baseball team played in the state semifinals at Busch Stadium, where they lost to Cleveland." St. Louis' Busch Stadium was not built and did not open until the mid-1960s. The SHS baseball team of 1957-1958 played the state tournament games in Sportsman's Park, on Grand and Dodier Avenues in St. Louis. Do your writers check facts there?

To answer your question, yes, our writers do check their facts. However, technically, you are wrong. According to the official Web site of the St. Louis Cardinals, Sportsman's Park (1920-1952), located on Grand Avenue, was renamed Busch Stadium and retrofitted after Anheuser-Busch purchased the club in 1953. In 1966, Busch Stadium was built on Stadium Plaza.

In response to the fast food comment wondering why restaurants don't give out coupons and their food is higher. The reason why that is because the people in Missouri voted in $1.35 increase in minimum wage. Wages went up so it costs more to do business now and restaurants have to charge more money for services. You can thank the people of Missouri for the higher prices. They wanted wages to go up and now prices went up and they've got it. You have to pay for that raise.

So, is the reason the taxpayers of East Prairie are paying the police officers to put on a wedding proposal? Is that all the police officers have to do in this town? Is that why they don't enforce the law because they are out doing these jokes? I am totally ticked off at this. This is our tax money that pays for the gas, cars and everything else. They need to be out on patrol instead of out promoting people getting married. That was a disgrace to East Prairie and every resident that pays city tax, county tax and every tax there is. People may have thought this was funny, but I don't think it is one *&%# bit funny. I'm a taxpayer and they shouldn't spend our money doing this.

This is to the lady that had seven children in eight years. My hat is off to you lady if you have seven children in eight years and your husband don't work and you don't get government help. Of course, I don't believe that for a minute. Where do you get off thinking you can be illegal and sponge off the American taxpayers? And why on earth in would anybody have seven children in this day and time with free birth control and things being so expensive and expect everybody else to take care of them? If we are all going to be illegal, let's all just drop our car insurance, quit buying drivers licenses and just drive anyway. It would save me a lot of money. If it's okay for you to be illegal, it should be okay for the rest of us to be illegal. Lady, why don't you and your husband just go back to where he's from and save all us taxpayers a bunch of money?