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Speakout 2/23

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thanks to the gentleman who had the $7 trillion debt article in SpeakOut. I agree with him 100 percent. It is now $8 trillion. Every human being in the United States now owes $27,500 thanks to George Bush. And to think we have nearly three more years of this! By that time we will probably owe $12 trillion or more. The person that criticized you is probably either filthy rich or sick in the head. Another item he has spent taxpayer's money on is $1.6 billion for commercials trying to sell his stupid ideas. And now it sounds like he is going to allow a foreign company to take over six of our major ports. This is the most stupid and corrupt administration we have ever had. Hilary Clinton knew exactly what she was talking about when she said that George Bush would go down in history as the worst president we have ever had. He has gotten 85 percent of the world's population aiding the United States. Bin Laden now has plenty of help. By the way, I think if we would search the Crawford Ranch, we might find Bin Laden.

I was in Sikeston at a store and was wondering why they had so many check outs and only had two or three people working at a time. It's always such an inconvenience to get checked out. If they are going to go to all the expense of building a store and furnishing it with all these registers and check out lanes, why the heck don't they put people there so there customers will be served better and be more satisfied? After all, isn't customer satisfaction supposed to be the name of the game?

Our national news media is nothing more than a bunch of political activists working 24/7 to advance a Democrat agenda. When you have a national media that carries the battle club leading the fight to beat up any entity or person whom the democrats don't like, and target for destruction, foment public hatred and distrust for that entity or person, then you have a corrupt media. A media that does not present just the facts, but instead picks and chooses stories they can slant to fit their predetermined philosophical template is a corrupt media. A news media that predicates its lead political stories based on "anonymous sources" and "instant messaging" from the DNC is a corrupt media. When you combine this with the fact that national news associates vote for democrats eight to one, any dummy knows you can not be getting unbiased news coverage. Example: Cheney shoots his friend then engages in "Nixon-like" cover up! Wooo---(This administration lies about everything!) Poor David Gregory, somebody change his diaper, he's crying and having a snit fit again.

I just wanted to call in and say that if I hit the lottery this weekend, you won't have to listen to me call SpeakOut anymore. I will be on an island, drinking Bahama Mamas. Sikeston will be but a memory.

I bet I could drive drunk better than most 70-plus-year-olds on the road. For God's sake, why don't the county, state, or president do something to get these dangerous drivers off the road. We are spending millions of dollars every year to support someone that an old person ran into and can no longer walk, or no longer work. We know when young is too young. When is old too old? When you turn 70, you should be tested every year, and I mean a driving test. If you can not parallel park at 16 you fail. If you can not parallel park at 70 you fail. No more driving. If we are really interested in stopping traffic deaths, we have to look at all the reasons, not just one.