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Speakout 12/29

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Call 471-6636

This is to the young man who called my phone and left a message at 3:35 a.m. that someone had called him from my phone number and woke him up and he was going to get a hold of the police officers. Well sir, I've tried to call you since 7 o'clock this morning to 6 o'clock this afternoon and you won't answer your phone. I would like to inform you that if you get another call from my phone, by all means, Sir, call the police because I work nights. I live alone and no children. I have a dog and as far as I know she doesn't know how to dial the phone. Besides that, she goes to work with me anyway. And check your id box and make sure it is MY phone because if it is, someone has broke in to my home and used my phone and I'd appreciate if you would call the police and let them know. Thank you for your little smart alecky message. Now you have one back, since you can't answer the phone.

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. No NFL standings in the paper. Is it because the Rams suck or what? Come on now, there are other teams besides the Rams. I'd like to know what the standings are.

I have a friend who is abusing Medicaid and Medicare. She has a son that she's using as an excuse for the grandparents and dad not being able to see him. Every time he comes to see his grandparents or Dad, she runs to the doctor and makes up some kind of excuses. I know she's taking him to the doctor two times in a row when he wasn't really sick. He had just been around smoking or cats. He has allergies to cats and smoke. She tells her son that he can play with the neighbor's dog, chicken, rabbit, geese. He's not allergic when he's with her, only when he is with the grandparents. He has told us this. I think this is fraud and someone needs to check into this. I'd be glad to turn her in if someone would tell me where to do it at. This is just ripping off Medicaid. She also says he is allergic to dogs, smoke, can't be around a fireplace, but I've seen myself, with my own eyes, she will take him out to places to eat and sit in the smoking section. Her family comes around and smokes in her house and picks him up and everything. If you confront her about it, she says that it's not true and that everybody is just lying on her. I've seen it with my own eyes. As soon as he gets home from his Dad's or grandparent's house, she runs him to the doctor and calls them and starts harassing them to see if they smoked around him. She constantly harasses her son asking him where they went, what they did. She doesn't let him enjoy his time with them. She never wanted them to see him from the time he was born until now. It is wrong. She makes up things. Her lawyer told her to take him to the doctor and use her Medicaid card every time he comes back from a visit with him. Her lawyer is just as much to blame as she is. She is abusing Medicaid and it is wrong.