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Speakout 10/16

Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is in regard to, " You ought to be ashamed". This is America. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Actually, I'm not a bitter person. I'm quite content with my life. At least I don't ask for handouts when I can freely get my own. I am not working to support another state, let alone, another city! I've got a family of my own to take care of. If you sat down sometime and did the calculation with what Bush has already given them in aid, that's almost a grand a person in the US. So, I've done gave and will be giving until that grand is paid off! Which, by the way, is not tax deductible!

This is to the party that tore my mailbox up. I got up this morning and it was just hangin' on the thing and now it won't even shut. I'm gonna have to go get a new one. When I find out who you are, your hind end is in trouble. Do you know it's a federal offense to mess with a mailbox? I don't appreciate it one bit. If you hit it with a car, you could've come in here and told me about it. But, let me tell you something, when I find out who you are, I'm gonna do something about it.

Mike, I thought you were a Democrat. The Bush lover last night, and you failed to write it in Speakout. That's yellowdog journalism. I thought you was a better man than that, equal to b

You thought that Jensen was a Democrat?!

Every politician lies. Clinton did not put gays in the military. I was in the Army 30 years ago, and there were gays in the Army back then. And as far as who is having sex in the White House, just about every person who is married has had sex in the White House. Clinton is not the problem of it all. We all are.

I'd like to comment on the people in the west end not getting their paper 'till after 4 o'clock. I live on the east end and we don't get our paper 'till between 4:30 and 5. We don't have a problem with it out here in the east end, but apparently the west end does. I just want you to know the east end is the same as the west end.

I'd like to speak out with pride for our 1140th battalion, especially our beloved Charlie Company. I hate to see such a tightly knit group separated. I'm especially proud of the families, the friends and the community that banded together in support of our troops in Iraq and later in New Orleans. Way to go Charlie Company. Charlie Company rocks.

I would like to thank the people for the pink flamingos. They are so pretty and they look great in my front yard. But one of them got injured in flight. One of them's little leg got broken. I think we need to take him somewhere and get it fixed. But, I'm gonna take care of them as long as they are with me. I am so thankful for those pink flamingos flying to my front yard.

My son has diabetes and he was in the hospital last week. He got a staph infection. He had seen the doctor almost every week, so shouldn't he have known this if he had it? How could this happen so quick and so soon? I would like someone to explain this to me. And if so, who I'm supposed to go after about my son getting a staph infection? I don't think these people had anything to do with their child getting a staph infection. If that's the case, there ought to be a lot of prosecuting going on.