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Speakout 5/3

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

I'd like to comment on the school shootings and in the county. If they would have something decent on the television for these children to watch we wouldn't have as many shootings. All you see is shootings. That's all they see, so they think that they might as well do it themselves. They are sent to these jails and institutions for years. If you would clean up the televisions, we wouldn't have the problems we have to day with our youth.

These money, hungry tax subsidized farmers, trying to drain all these ditches, cutting all the trees. Can't set underneath a tree and fish anymore. It's getting hotter and hotter every year. They need to be ditching in water instead of out. The world's gonna burn up one of these days and then they are gonna have to stand before the Almighty and the Judgment.

I'm calling in reference to your article April 21 in SpeakOut. Shame on you. How dare you print a racially motivated joke. It's a offense. It seems to me as an Hispanic and I'm here reading all the time in the newspaper about how Hispanics are coming over here and stealing jobs. No, they are not coming over here and stealing jobs. They're being giving jobs. You know, I don't see too many Hernandez, Rodriguez or Pablos on the Board of Business. And this business that you say we Hispanics are stealing, no, it's business owners that are giving it away in order to save money cutting our government out of taxes. Shame on you for printing that racially motivated joke and firing up this issue. If you're going to target somebody, target the right person. Not the go getter that has the courage to go into a different country where he doesn't speak the language and find a job. Shame on the person who hires that person. Just thought I'd let you know, shame on you.

The Portageville School District has been notified and evidently the board members do not think about disgracing our American flag. It was left out during the hail storm we had here recently and it has been left out all year long day in and day out during rainstorms. I think it is a disgrace. I think something should be done. It is a time of war and the boys are giving their lives for us and they disgrace the flag like that. Something needs to be done.

I was in the store Saturday and bought some food from the deli. The cashier was a licking and spitting on her fingers and pulling bags open and fixing to grab my food that I had bought. I just told her no, never mind, that that was so unsanitary to spit on her hands and everything. The managers of these stores need to tell their employees to watch how they open these bags. That is so unsanitary.

I want to say congratulations to Ferguson Medical Group for the excellent ad they put in honoring their new human resource manager. It's such a refreshing change to see an organization honoring its employees and highlighting their good points instead of running comments on their employees and having them praise their organization. Its nice to see someone who has worked hard and coming back to southeast Missouri and working for a medical center like this. Ferguson Medical Group is an excellent organization. You can get all your lab work, x-rays and everything done there without having to make two or three trips to get it done. I like being able to have one stop medical treatment. I hope you all stay a long, long time.

Whatever happened to Jacqueline Scott? She went to Hollywood to become a movie star? Her mother's name was Maxine Scott and she worked for a local radio station. She used to give little things to the Standard about her to put in the paper.

Jacqueline Scott, sometimes credited as Jacqueline Scott-Lemoine is living in California. Her last appearance was in "Cold Case" - The Boy in The Box episode in 2004, where she portrayed a nurse. She will be at the 2006 Twilight Zone Convention Aug. 12 and 13. For more information, go to: www.tzconvention.com