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Speakout 10/3

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No farmers, no fire. I've got one question. If a semi loaded with the amount of chemical that the farmers spray on their fields caught on fire, the area would be evacuated. But yet farmers are allowed to put chemicals in their fields and burn them into the air. No wonder we have so much illness in this area.

- - -

Is there a law against burning cornfields? Sunday morning I got up, got my coffee and my Standard Democrat paper, went outside to enjoy the fresh air. Guess what? As soon as I took a breath, it wasn't fresh. It was the smell of burning cornfields. I tried to enjoy my morning, but after about 30 minutes my eyes started burning and three hours later they are still burning. What can we do? A concerned Mississippi County citizen

I'm looking for someone who makes couch covers and chair covers. If you would please leave your number in SpeakOut, I would appreciate it very much.

Who's going to feed us? Has anyone ever thought about who goes to church on Sunday? Who would be left at the restaurants to feed you your Sunday meals? So for those of you who look down on us who feed you on Sundays, please just tell us thank you for not being in church today.

I think it's great that the Eagles are getting something together on the weekends for some of us who like to go dance, especially for the older crowd. Friday nights they have the karaoke, dance lessons, Saturday night they have the sound system. They've got the best dance floor in the city. All you two-

steppers and guys and gals that want to dance, come on out and have a good time. I think it's great and it's what Sikeston is all about.

I would like to speak out about a man and his little white dog walking down the street. The little dog pooped in front of Bo's Pawn Shop and again in front of the jewelry store for people to step in. Next time I see him let his dog do that, I will call the cops. He should have a paper sack and paper towel and pick it up.

I would like for the puzzle to be put back in the paper that used to be in there once a week. I miss it and I want it be put back in the paper again.