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Speakout 4/26

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Put forth works and teaching people about God and growing spiritually and receive the fruits. In reading the legal section of the paper, I see a judge who is judging someone like God would and I really appreciate that. It makes my works worthy of the times to see someone who is loving a brother like this out.

If all you people who called in to the abortion and Jesus comment are examples of modern day so-called Christians, I don't think I would even want to know you, let alone go to any church you are associated with. You sound ignorant, irrational, mean and ugly. Not very nice people. Jesus's coming didn't have any effect on you did it? You're still stuck in the eye for an eye, violently, vengeful Old Testament. If Exodus 20 the seventh commandment is your moral code where does the death penalty and torture by our US troops that have killed people fit in? Where does creating windowless cubbyhole prisons where guards torture with impunity fit in? That's domestic in our country, US. And prisoners terrify weaker ones at will where restricted daily life drives people insane instead of rehabilitating them. This sounds like a society that ignores Jesus's existence. Jesus would not talk like you. Jesus would not act like you. And Jesus would not support what you and your society does to its weakest members. Go back to your Bible, you hypocrites. Read and consider if you are able to understand, which I doubt, the words of Jesus which you profess to follow. I suggest Luke 6, especially verses 46-49, which particularly apply to people like you who are ruining my country.

I would like to know if there is any organization that accepts any items that are not to be sold for people who are really in need that can't afford to buy anything? Is there any place around the Sikeston area?

I get so tired of these ignorant Democrats blaming Bush for the gas being high priced, blaming him for the tornadoes and the earthquakes. They are always looking for something they can twist in to blaming him for. Most of it isn't working. They are sure trying to smear him. Don't believe everything that comes over ABC, CBS and NBC networks. Think hard about what they are saying.

I've been reading SpeakOut and listening to everybody complain. You name it, they say it. There's two things that I live by. First of all, if you have nothing good to say about anybody, then just be quiet. And second, Those that gossip to you will also gossip about you. If everybody would just stay to their own business, stay calm, do their own thing, leave everybody alone, it would be a better place to live. Thank you. God bless.

I'm calling in regard about people living off welfare. There are elderly people out there that need help, I'm not against that. There are people that are living off the government, getting food stamps and not even trying to get a job. Here I am, working and living from paycheck to paycheck, I don't have any kids at home anymore, it's just me. But I can't get any help. I can't even get $10 worth of food stamps. If I could just get a little bit of help it would help out. It makes me angry to know that these people are out there and they're lazy and not even trying to work and I'm living from paycheck to paycheck. There should be a limit on how long somebody stays on welfare. I'm not talking about the elderly or anybody disabled. I'm talking about people who are able to work. It's ridiculous.