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Elitist law schools help divide nation

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The United States Supreme Court this week pulled the rug out from under a group of liberal, East Coast law schools who wanted to ban military recruiters from their campuses. Schools including Harvard, Yale, Columbia and New York University had wanted to keep the recruiters from their schools because of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays. But the schools really wanted to send their anti-military message to the nation. They failed in a lopsided 8-0 vote.

It's almost frightening that these highly respected schools have such a hate for the government. Yet, when you threaten to take taxpayer funding away from them, they opt to grab the money and run. They are inhabited by phony elitists who want to end the military's recruitment efforts on their campuses and yet they cry for free speech every chance they get.

The schools hinged their opposition on the policy toward gays in the military. Yet long before this policy was adopted, the very same schools were the center of ample protests over the recruitment policies.

We have such a divided country these days that I see little hope of any agreement on any social issue. These schools have become hotbeds of liberal attitudes that seek to erode the very foundations of this nation. But these same liberal jerks benefit when our military keeps our nation safe and secure.

The liberals of this nation - Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry and company - have a far different vision from most of us hillbillies in the Midwest. The schools that indoctrinate the liberal philosophy turn out lawyers by the hundreds who lack a clue on how this nation actually works.

I'm especially proud that the high court reaffirmed the importance of the military and the policies adopted by Congress that direct the military. I only wish the schools involved in this lawsuit would recognize their position is flawed and out of step with the vast majority of this nation.

But there I go dreaming again...

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen