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Speakout 3/9

Thursday, March 9, 2006

I get so tired of people running down our President. If you can't say something good keep your mouth shut. If you claim to be a Christian, pray for him. You shall not judge no man. He is carrying a heavy load and needs our prayers. Have you not read to pray for those in authority? How can you pray with one breath and run him down with the next? I'm praising the person who on Wednesday said, "Give him a break." Why don't you do likewise. After all, he's going to be here quite a while yet. So please try to realize what a terrible world he faces every day. So please, let's hang in there and pray.

I was calling to agree with the person who called about the Oran police officer going around doing a survey. I'm an Oran resident. I think it's pretty sad when a police officer can pick who he surveys. If they are going to get a valid survey, they need to survey every citizen of the town. The police officer is handling things poorly. I also know firsthand that the information that was printed in the paper previously about everyone at the Council meeting being in support of the police officer was false. I know of two alderman specifically who are completely against the current mayor and this police officer. So I believe someone has the facts wrong.

I've read all these articles about Oran. It's strange to me why anyone would be afraid to drive through town knowing what the speed limit is. For years and years you could just fly through this town and just do whatever you wanted to. And now that they have someone enforcing the laws, and they're not shoving it down their throats, you go to Bertrand, Blodgett and Chaffee, you slow down, so what's wrong with Oran giving tickets? As far as businesses not making any money, you don't find 28 businesses having people driving from out of town to visit them. Like a gas station or a grocery store or a hardware store. Let's go on and just live a normal life.

Teachers that think they need to make more money need to go to Illinois and they'll make more. You are no more professional or a nurse or a doctor. They spend more time on their feet than the teachers and a lot of the teachers are home in beds on holidays. The rest of the people have to go to work regardless if it's a holiday or not to help pay these teacher's salaries. I don't think these teachers have anything to complain about. Teachers need to wake up. You are not being mistreated.

This is in response to the 24 Hour Doctor. I understand how frustrating it is to drive to a doctor's office and them not be open, but yet you have to realize that the doctors are risking their lives getting out on the roads to get there to take care of you. I know the doctors you are talking about and I know for a fact that only one out of the six live in town. Some people are only worried about themselves and not the lives of their doctors. Maybe if it happens again, you can go back to the ER. They are open 24 hours a day.

There are certain music companies out there that rip people off. They send you stuff in the mail. You take the time to fill it out and send it back to them. They fail to send you the merchandise, but they still expect you to pay.