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Speakout 10/25

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I would like to know why we no longer get Sikeston's city court record in the paper. We used to always get it in the paper. Chief Juden seems to be doing such a good job, why doesn't he let us see what he's doing? Is he hiding something from us? We get Benton, New Madrid and Charleston, but we don't get Sikeston. What's up with that?

We contacted Sikeston City Court Judge Frank Marshall concerning city court records. He informed us that the city has a new computer program that is still being perfected. City court records will then be available to the Standard-Democrat for release.

To the person that wants the carnival moved back downtown. You must live in the area of Ruth and Branum and must not mind the sound of gunfire or the groups of young thugs who are carrying guns. Well, I do, and if necessary we should move the carnival to the moon to keep these idiots away from our kids. That carnival will never be back downtown. It's not because of space, it is because of a lack of discipline in some communities.

What is up with Standard writer Chris Moore? Not a cardinal fan? Hey Chris, guess what--You live in Missouri!! Grandfathers, fathers and sons have been living Cardinal baseball long before you existed. If you do not wish to hear about the Cardinals, maybe move to Chicago! In any event, do not complain about hearing the Cardinal fans when you live in Cardinal country and moreover, a sportswriter.

This rural Scott County water is coming up for vote Nov. 8. The price for the water is way too high for the people who lives here.

We've heard about Section Eight renters. We've heard about slumlords. Now, we need to talk about landlords, who has tenants, who tells us they have the right, without giving us notice, to unlock our doors, walk in our house anytime they want to, be it we're in the bed, be it we're in the shower. Wherever we are at, they just open the door and walk in. No calls, no warnings. It's kind of bad when you just step out from your shower and someone is in your apartment. Do we not have any rights? I took this issue up with my landlord. He strictly told me that he had a key, and that he had a right to come into my apartment any time he wanted to without notice. I don't think this is right. It doesn't work in any other state. Why does it work in the state of Missouri? Will someone out there please explain this to me? I'm sick and tired of it. You wake up and there's someone with a key that's standing over you. To me this is invasion of privacy. Mike, you're a newsman. I read your editorials every week and you kind of branch out there in left field and make everybody mad and you really don't care. You talk about the slum lords and you talk about Section Eight, so why not talk about these landlords that think it's their God given right to invade someone's privacy and send someone in without notice? Is there something we can do?