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Speakout 1/15

Sunday, January 15, 2006

In late fall there was a news article about a movie being shot in Cape and they needed about a 100 people to work a few days as extras the week before Christmas, there was a web site to go and apply. I went to it and there was not a thing about the movie. So, I remembered the article said an application could be picked up at the Chamber of Commerce office in Cape. I decided to wait until the next time I went there and pick one up. About a week later, I still had not been to Cape, so I decided to try the web site again and by then they had a form to be printed and filled out and sent to an address in St. Louis. They wanted name, address, age, weight etc. They also wanted a picture, so I found my best picture, attached it to the application and mailed it. They said shooting would be the week before Christmas and the ones selected would be called. Then I heard shooting had been delayed until the second week in January and my hopes went up again. Today was the last day for people to be called, and I was not called, and I think I know why. The picture I sent showed I was better looking than the stars, Diane Lane and Johnny Knoxville and they didn't want any one better looking than them on the set. This reminded me of when William Shatner was making a movie in Sikeston. They were shooting a few days at the Dunn Hotel, and since I worked just around the corner, I walked over to watch on breaks and lunch hour. I applied to be an extra and they said I didn't have the "look" they wanted. I guess I was better looking than William Shatner.

I'm a senior citizen. I was reading in the paper where someone thinks we need to put a 25 percent tax on the ballot. We don't need more taxes. People of middle age are the ones that are having to pay it, and they got children they are trying to send to school and college and keep clothed and it's taking all their money to supposedly do something for senior citizens. Well senior citizens are not getting it all and we don't need it all. But those who are sitting around and won't work are getting a lot of it. I don't think we need any more taxes for the people who are having to work and pay it all for people who won't even try to work.

Speak outs are way too long. They should be limited to 10 or 15 seconds. Some of them are like reading a novel and just repeat a lot. Who wants to read that?

Preach it brother, preach it!!

I know a family that has been turned in six different times for child abuse and DFS hasn't done a thing. I think something needs to be done about the Sikeston DFS.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Democrats would keep this one guy off television? He is an alcoholic and left the scene of an accident. If anybody else done that, they would've been in the pen for life. He's a murderer and everything. I wish they would keep him off, putting the Republicans down and everything as crooked as he is. And that's Ted Kennedy. I don't know why they keep showing his pictures. And that guy got up there and said in this scandal that they're claiming now about the Republicans, that they wasn't no Democrats. Well, there's some Democrats in Missouri admitted they got money from him. Why don't they tell the truth? Democrats can lie bigger than anybody I ever heard of.