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Your View: Newsworthy items

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mike, I usually just praise, fuss or cuss the various articles I read in your paper to my wife.

Today required more action on my part, so I chose to send this letter to you on various articles on this date. I think my first one will be in reference to the idiotic U. S. District Court Judge James Robertson, who ruled in favor of two environmental groups. His order stopped the work on the St. John's Bayou/

New Madrid Floodway Project and he also ordered that about $7 million of completed work be dismantled. I know the article was on page 2, but I would like to have seen it on page 1 in BOLD LETTERS. I think all of Southeast Missouri should write and/or call every politician telling them they would get your support providing they would work to get this ruling reversed. I am not very familiar with the laws governing the rulings made by a U. S. District Judge. Maybe you or one of your readers can give some guidance on who the public should contact, what the next step will be, and who is representing the people of Southeast Missouri.

My second comment is on the payday loan reforms sought. Attorney General Jay Nixon and several others are wanting to put a cap of 36 percent on the loans. I believe in businesses being able to make a profit; but those types of interest rates are totally unreasonable. They are taking advantage of the people that can least afford it. Again I would ask your readers to contact their politicians and ask them to support reform on these type loans. My third comment is on Susan Cunninghams statement on the No Child Left Behind - The Football version. It sounds like a comedy routine; but the sad fact is it's not funny what's happening to our schools.

Fourth comment is on your editorial Creative alternative isn't right solution. I will quote the last part of your statement. "I don't know the answers and neither does anyone else. And if it takes 10,000 volunteers to clean up a community, then so be it." I am glad to see Mr. Johnson has made a decision that something has to be done. I just hope his community will get behind him and take whatever action is required to make his town safer.

Maybe if they can reduce the murder rate in Philadelphia, other communities will be willing to take bold action to improve the crime in their towns.

My last comment: With the cotton carnival parade just a few days away, I would like to ask ALL those in attendance to take trash bags with them and put all of their trash in the bags and carry it back home. It is sad to think how many people will throw their cups, paper, dirty diapers and other trash on the street to be picked up by some one else.


Jackie Cecil Sikeston