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SpeakOut 3/13

Thursday, March 13, 2008

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I was in a popular fast-food restaurant Friday and from where I was standing you could see back in the kitchen. You could see there were four people back there. There were three working on a table and one little girl was dropping the fries, the hamburger meat and doing all the other stuff. Them other three were not even trying to help her. She was going nuts, she was working circles around them from where I was. We stood in line for 15 minutes, they were that busy. I wanted to tell this young lady thank you for working that hard to get our food out. No one helped her and I felt so sorry for her that I wanted to go back there and help her do it. I appreciate the hard work she did to get me my fish and my grandson his cheeseburger. That meant very much, young lady.

Last year about this time global warming advocates were complaining about nationwide above normal January and February temperatures. Where are they now when we've had below normal January and February temperatures this year, with above normal snow fall? And even snowfall in places where they usually don't get snow? Those energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs cause interference with FM short-wave and scanner radio reception, creating all kinds of static when they're turned on. We could get those oil prices down and lessen our dependence on foreign oil if the environmental wackos would let us drill oil in Alaska and cut back on restrictions of Gulf oil drilling. I for one am going to start saving all kinds of GE regular light bulbs and have a big store in place in case they are completely fazed out and we have to buy those ridiculous fluorescent light bulbs. I for one am going to vote for those individuals that are for us drilling in Alaska. I'm not going to believe in this global warming nonsense as long as we continue to have below normal temperatures.

I want to say that I agree wholeheartedly with Pastor Tom McCanless. I'm not a Democrat or a Republican - I vote for the man. This nation needs to stop and think what happened when Bill Clinton was in office. I don't care if he's a Democrat, a Republican or whatever he is, he lied to us. He brought scandal to this country and now he's talking about his wife being president. What are you thinking, people? What are you using to think with? We need to get down on our knees and ask God to come back into this nation and stop the sins that are going on and heal our land before it's too late. I just hope and pray it's not too late.

I was reading SpeakOut in the paper and one of the people actually tried to blame the shooting in Jackson on the shows that were shown on KFVS-12. My children have been watching KFVS-12, my son is 24 and my daughter is 22, and they haven't shot anybody. I have been watching Channel 12 as well. I haven't shot anybody. It's not the TV's fault, it's not the news station's fault. It's something that snapped in the kid. I think he snapped, he actually planned it. It's on camera him strolling around with a gun. Somebody else failed somewhere, but it's not because he was watching a crime show on TV.