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Your view: Stand up now

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Immigrants must adapt to American Immigration policies already on the books. America must enforce those laws already on the books. Why do we keep ignoring the simple message in the "ill" part of the word "illegal?" When you break down "ILL" -- "Egal" you hear the phonetic pronunciation of "ILL -- Eagle." America is being over-run by a bunch of sick birds, because America has been over-taken by a bunch of "left wing birds" that hate what the "American Eagle" traditionally stood for. True Americans have become "sick" of the continued "ignore -- ance" of that fact. Close our borders now! That's all. And then enforce the laws already on the books! We don't need new laws to be ignored, just because it is politically expedient in gaining an edge in the next election. Do not go through another charade of political posturing in Washington D.C. fabricating new laws that will be ignored with impunity! (Just like is being done to our present immigration laws.)

Would be immigrants must be willing to adapt to American Laws, and willing to adapt to American Culture. ASSIMILATE, DON'T DEMONSTRATE in our streets. This is our land, not Mexico's, nor any other American hating communist sympathizing co-conspirator bent on plundering our treasury, and destroying America's middle class. Karl Marx's doctrine of world dominance that the socialist and the communists promote so incessantly, hinges on policies that destroy the middle class before they can gain total control of a country. We are in our final days as a free people. Diversity is NOT what makes a country great! Diversity leads to an Adversity. Adversity leads to Anarchy. Stand up now for America, and return America to True American ideals!

John McMillen