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Cub Scout Day Camp to begin on Thursday

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

SIKESTON -- Area Cub Scouts have three days of fun lined up for them at the Sikeston Elks Club lodge.

This year's Cub Scout Day Camp begins at 1 p.m. Thursday at the lodge with activities planned to run until 7 p.m.

"It will be an all day event from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. Friday and Saturday," said Scott Crumpecker, program director for the camp.

The camp is for Boy Scouts ages 8-11. "Wolves, Bears and Webelos," Crumpecker said. "We anticipate there will be about 60 boys there."

Scouts from packs from New Madrid to Oran, including the packs located in Sikeston and Morehouse, are all slated to attend.

"This will be my third year, but only my first year as program director," Crumpecker said. "I'm in charge of setting up the program and the different activities that will go on."

Activities will be held both outdoors and indoors in the air conditioning so the Scouts can enjoy the weather without overheating.

"We've got archery, BB-guns," Crumpecker said, "we've got a couple different conservation programs, we've got crafts, and we've got indoor games and outdoor games."

In addition to the fun, some activities will also be educational.

"We've got a guy who will be doing a bridge-building demonstration there," Crumpecker said. "This fellow works for NRCS -- the Natural Resources Conservation Service. He's a civil engineer and he's got this model he brings in."

The engineer will tell the Scouts about the history of bridges and then provide an opportunity for them to build a bridge of their own.

Among the conservation-related activities will be at least two programs dealing with wildlife.

"We have a lady out of Jackson who does a snake appreciation session -- she shows a video about the snakes of Missouri from the Conservation Department," Crumpecker said. "She's actually got a corn snake that she allows them to handle so they can be right in there with what a snake feels like, what its mannerisms are. The parents don't always like it but the kids do."

On Thursday, in addition to some games and field sport activities, a trip to the YMCA pool is scheduled, Crumpecker said.

"We'll have a couple hours to do some aquatic games and activities and end up over there for a pizza party at the pool," he said.

Lunch, including the pizza party, is included in the cost of the camp."The other camps charge about $10 more if they get a lunch," Crumpecker noted.

Friday and Saturday's meals will be provided by the Elks. "They come in and cook lunch for the boys," Crumpecker said. He added that for at least the past four years, Elks have also provided their facility at no cost.

Friday and Saturday also have programs scheduled during the meals.

The Sikeston Department of Public Safety will bring in their explosives robot on Friday. "They'll be doing a demonstration with it," Crumpecker said.

On Saturday, the Scouts will have a presentation on Associated Electric's Peregrine Falcon Reintroduction Program.

"The past couple of years, Associated Electric has raised these Peregrine Falcons and set up a brooding box to introduce the falcons at one of the smokestacks," Crumpecker said. "They're going to let the boys have a contest to name the three falcons."

Associated Electric will provide judging for the contest and select the names that will be used.

"They won't be bringing any falcons with them but they will have a Powerpoint display," Crumpecker said.

There will some special activities for Scouts at different age groups.

"Some of the older boys, the boys that are in the Webelos, will work more on their camping -- they will actually cook a lunch themselves," Crumpecker said.

The camping activity, if weather permits, will include preparing foil packs to be cooked over an open flame.

The older boys will also have an activity that is half marksmanship and half art: shooting paintballs from a slingshot at white paper bags.