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Your View: Song of the Rye

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

For many years now, grain, corn, rice, soybean oats etc. has been used in various textiles, an array of inedible products. More and more grain is being taken out of the food chain.

Now cotton is losing acreage to corn and soybeans. And soybeans are losing acreage to corn.

I am not a farmer. I don't agree with the use of grain for bio fuel. Maybe it was save a few cents at the gas pump. But the savings won't be realized because ethanol has an even lower octane that regular gasoline, so you won't get as many miles to a gallon.

Food costs are rising almost daily. A few years ago, I had a little poem printed in this paper. I have changed the wording of that poem to fit current issues.

I was made to be eaten, not to be drank

Or made into bio fuel to be threshed in a barn

Not soaked in a tank.

Make me up into loaves,

And your children are fed.

But if made into drink or bio fuel,

I will starve them instead.

In bread I am servant

The eater shall rule.

In drink or bio fuel I am master the drinker,

A foolish person Broke at the gas station.

The government will require us to use ethanol. Will the government pay for the fuel injectors for my car.


Larry Coram

Oran, Mo.